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Pawcast: Episode 2

Losing weight and reversing diabetes with the help of a four-legged friend

Ron Lightfoot recording Pawcast episode 2

As January 2019 comes to a close, many of us have made steps to live a little healthier, possibly lose a couple of unwanted pounds and embrace a bit more positivity in the world around us. If this sounds familiar to you, sit back and enjoy our first 'Pawcast' of the new year.

On this episode, Lucy talks to Ron Lightfoot about how he lost 48lbs (almost three and a half stone) and reversed his Type 2 Diabetes by getting outside and walking his new best friends Charlie.

Ron adopted Charlie from the Salisbury rehoming centre in January 2018, after a little advice and encouragement from his doctor. Several life events had left Ron with low self-esteem, overweight and a bit of a recluse; then Charlie came into his life, and everything changed. You can hear for yourself what a fantastic impact both Ron and Charlie have had on each other. Not only does Ron give Charlie the loving home we want for all our dogs; but in return, Charlie gets Ron out and about, exercising, meeting people and living a healthier, more positive life.

We couldn't have thought of a better conversation to start the new year. At a time when we're all thinking about making more decisive steps to healthier living, Ron and Charlie show us the power of companionship and getting outside beats any gym or sports club membership.

Episode 2: Losing weight and reversing diabetes with the help of a four-legged friend

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Episode 1: Welcome to the Dogs Trust Pawcast

In our pilot episode, coming from our Salisbury rehoming centre, Lucy, Supporter Relations Officer, is joined by Jacinta, Rehoming Centre Manager, Nico, Senior Training and Behaviour Advisor, and Sam, Training and Behaviour Advisor, to talk about the launch of our new Stepping Stones facility and its accompanying S.T.A.R. block. They discuss what they are exactly and how they are going to further help the dogs in our care.

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