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How collars and tags are helping care for our dogs

Collar Chip Change

We know dog lovers all over the UK treat their canine companions as part of the family.

Which is why we believe that all responsible dog owners should make sure their pet pooch is properly collared and chipped.

Over the past year, thanks to all our amazing supporters, we have sold over 5,700 personalised dog tags and raised an incredible £15,700 for all dogs in our care! The money from this outstanding support goes towards the £40 cost of caring for each dog every day, £12 per pooch to get microchipped and £33 to pay for their weekly vet check-ups.

Whilst this is an amazing effort, unfortunately we still have a long way to go. Over 56,000 dogs go missing every year which is why it’s a legal requirement to have your dog microchipped and wearing a collar and tag when in a public place. By law, all dog owners need to make sure their dogs tag has the name, address and postcode of the owner engraved.

Be a responsible dog owner and make sure you collar, chip and change your information to make sure you can be reunited with your best friend should the worse happen. You can purchase one of our pawsome collar and tags, like Jon Snow's, whilst helping us care for thousands of dogs by following the link below.

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