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My journey to becoming a Special Someone - Part 3

I have to say I was full of trepidation I’d never seen a rehoming centre before I’d seen the pictures of Dogs Trust on online but would the reality be any different? So I arrived at this beautiful building and walked through to reception, I was greeted by a friendly lady who asked why I was there. I explained I’d seen Herbie on the website and wanted to rehome him. I really thought it was that simple!

I filled in a rehoming questionnaire and was then told I could look round the kennel and mark any dogs I was interested in – but I just wanted Herbie he was ‘my’ dog wasn’t he? But I dutifully went into the corridor and started to wander down looking for Herbie.

I passed many dogs I’d seen on the website, but then I was stopped in my tracks – a beautiful ginger dog called Walter was just lying on the floor staring up at me. I hadn’t seen him on the website as he was new arrival … But I was here for Herbie so I moved on. I found Herbie and he was everything the website said he was bounding round the kennel looking to play looking for attention but Walter was on my mind.

I went back to reception with my questionnaire and my dog choice it was Herbie and spoke to another lovely lady about him. As lovely as Herbie was the Lady explained he needed training and was wary of strangers and so maybe wasn’t the right dog for my circumstances. She suggested Walter, the beautiful ginger dog I’d seen who’d only just come in, I agreed to meet him and when the first thing he did was put his paw in my hand and give me the biggest smile – I was smitten he was the one.

So despite having my heart set on Herbie I left with the rehoming process for Walter in full flow!