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Could you spare any stamps?

Our lovely 'stamp lady' Jenny Thomas does a fantastic job sorting and selling the stamps to collectors and dealers.

* 2019 - has got off to a cracking start already, Jenny has already raised £3,688.56! *

In 2018 Jenny raised over £24k to sponsor kennels at Glasgow, Leeds, Evesham and Merseyside.


Every penny raised goes directly to Dogs Trust and is used specifically to sponsor kennels in our rehoming centres. Each kennel costs £6,000 a year to maintain. Sponsorship provides for all food, treats, toys, veterinary bills and heating - in fact everything needed to give a dog somewhere to call "home".

Each day she receives between 80 to 100 packages in the post from Dogs Trust supporters.

Jenny is happy to receive ANY stamps, both British & Worldwide but particularly pleased to receive the following:

  • Collections
  • Albums
  • Foreign Coins & Banknotes
  • First Day Covers
  • Presentation Packs
  • Jenny can also boost funds by selling postcards - old, new, wish-you-were-here, funny, pretty - anything and everything.

The stamps are sorted by hand into around 80 different categories depending on the type, origin, age and face value of the stamps. The time spent sorting the stamps is very important as sorted stamps sell for a much higher price.

Some are sorted into regions – Europe, Asia, Africa, Scandinavia Commonwealth, South America etc, whilst other less common stamps are kept as individual countries – Nepal, Falklands Is, Maldives, Cyprus etc. The GB stamps are sorted into reigns, pictorials, definitive, high and low values, Regionals, Channel Is and the common 1st & 2nd Class. And everything is separated into on and off paper. This takes a lot of time and patience!

Jenny then goes through different procedures to sell the stamps. Firstly she sells some of the stamps to her band of collectors on her books; this is a group of around 20 stamps collectors who are looking for specialist stamps. 

Next up the First Day Covers, Presentation Packs and collections that are leftover are taken to car boot sales, where Jenny has a large following of people who know her though her years of stamp selling.

The final step, all the stamps that are leftover are taken to the stamp dealer, who Jenny has been working with for the last 30 years. He is a Dogs Trust Member and has an adorable dog that has been rehomed from Dogs Trust.

Please send your stamps and postcards direct to Jenny at: 15 Wentworth Avenue, London, N3 1YA


Please note: The gold post office labels are not stamps. Please do not send them in.

Jenny and all our dogs thank you!


Do you accept standard 1st & 2nd class stamps? - Yes

Do you accept First Day Covers?  - Yes

Does is matter if my postcards have been written on? - No

Do you accept postcards with the stamp/corner cut off? - No

Do you accept birthday or Christmas cards? – No

Do you accept gold post office labels? – No