Frankie the Greyhound

The 45 MPH Couch Potato

Five facts you might not know about Greyhounds

Greyhounds are believed to be the fastest breed of dog on the planet – they can reach up to 45 miles per hour over a short distance! But there’s much more to them than just their speed:

  1. Contrary to what you might think, Greyhounds and their close cousins Lurchers (a cross between a sighthound breed like a Greyhound, Saluki or Whippet and a Collie or Terrier. Lurchers share many of the sighthound traits, including their speed and brains.) can be quite lazy and don’t always need as much exercise as you think. Once they’ve had a run around, they like nothing more than a comfy bed and snooze – earning them the nickname of the '45mph couch potato.'
  2. As well as their talent for sprinting, they have a keen eye, which is why there were originally bred as hunting dogs and are known as a 'sighthound' breed.
  3. Greyhounds are the only recognisable dog breed mentioned in the Bible.
  4. Greyhounds are one of the oldest known breeds of dog, dating back to an ancient breed in Egyptian times.
  5. Greyhounds were often owned by royalty. Both Queen Victoria and Henry VIII were both proud Greyhound owners. In the 11th century in England only nobility were allowed to own them.

Greyhounds are now most commonly associated with the sport of greyhound racing on tracks across the UK. Many ‘retired’ racers are in rehoming centres looking for their forever homes. If you choose to welcome one of these 'long dogs' into your home you will be rewarded with a gentle, loyal - and surprisingly lazy pet.

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Greyhounds looking for homes right now:


Honey is a retired racing Greyhound and after he adventurous life, she is looking for a relaxed home with her best friend Dazl.

Meet Honey at Loughborough


Marion is a sweet 3 year old Greyhound who loves to say hello to everyone she meets. Marion can live with children around 12 years and over.

Meet Marion at West Calder


Lucy loves to zoom around chasing her toys, but once she's had a run she loves to chill out with a comfy duvet and enjoys a good fuss.

Meet Lucy at Canterbury


Mick is a super boy, a laid back guy with a love of toys. He'll make a great family dog and can live with children of 8 years and over.

Meet Mick at Darlington


Nick is a bright and bouncy boy who loves his food and a good fuss. He has not lived in a house before and will need some guidance about pet dog life. He can live with children of 8 years and over.

Meet Nick at Evesham