Puppy Smuggling

The puppy smuggling scandal

Puppies are paying the price

Puppies smuggled into the UK are often in poor health. They may have had a long journey from their home country in bad conditions. Since 2014, we've pushed for changes to the law that will help stop this illegal trade.

We have also, since December 2015, helped to disrupt and tackle smuggling. We fund the quarantine of any puppy seized at the UK border.

For further information about our work to end this cruel trade please read:

Bringing real change for dogs

The UK government pledged to target puppy smuggling in its Action Plan for Animal Welfare. We’ll continue to work with policymakers to ensure the proposed laws bring real change for dogs.

Read more about our work with governments.

Don't be dogfished

Shocking statistics revealed how thousands of unsuspecting dog lovers may have been conned or ‘dogfished’ into buying puppies illegally imported into the UK, leaving them heartbroken and almost £500 on average out-of-pocket.

We polled over 2,000 puppy owners to see how many buyers might have fallen victim of illegal puppy smuggling, where puppies are brought into the UK from central and eastern European countries to sell on for vast profits. Many described how sellers falsified paperwork, offered discounts for a quick sale or lied about the age and breed of the dog.

To help prevent prospective owners from being misled into buying dogs that may not be what they seem, we've launched our campaign:

Don’t Be dogfished

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