Tell your MP: Don’t turn a blind eye to puppy smuggling

The vile puppy smuggling trade sees helpless puppies and heavily pregnant dogs being transported thousands of miles to meet the UK’s demand for dogs. They're forced to travel in cramped, dirty conditions, often with no food and little water.

The Government’s plan to tackle puppy smuggling doesn’t go far enough.  It will leave the door open for organised criminals to continue to profit from the suffering of puppies.

There is no requirement for ferry or Eurotunnel staff to see the dogs that are being imported. Crafty smugglers use vile tactics to cheat the system, like gluing microchips to a dog’s fur or cramming several puppies into one tiny carrier but only declaring one dog.

The Government must introduce visual checks at the border. With no checks, we have no chance of ending this cruel trade for good.

Stand with us. Email your MP and ask them to urge the Government to not turn a blind eye to puppy smuggling and to include visual checks in their plans.

Together, we can end puppy smuggling for good.

Email your MP today