Dog Fouling

We tackle the issue of dog fouling by encouraging owners to be more responsible and changing the attitudes of the minority who fail to pick up after their dogs.

Dog Fouling

Whether you own a dog or not, dog poo affects everyone. It’s unpleasant to see it in parks, on the pavement, and especially on your shoe!

Dogs Trust wants to see dog owners take responsibility by picking up after their dogs and reducing the amount of dog mess being left in public spaces. With your support, we can help create cleaner and more enjoyable green spaces across the country.

Although public spaces across the country have designated dog poo bins, we want to stress that any litter bin will do. There’s no need to worry if you can’t see a designated dog poo bin in sight, you can put your bag in the nearest litter bin you see.   

It’s simple to remember: just bag it and bin it! It’s against the law to not clear up after your dog, and you could face a fine of up to £1,000.

Have a look below to see some of the anti-dog fouling projects Dogs Trust works on.

Walk This Way

We teamed up with Keep Britain Tidy, and several local authorities, to create our popular Walk This Way intervention designed to help tackle the problem of dog fouling in parks and green spaces. 

The Walk This Way intervention uses signage, colour-coded route markers and bin stickers to create several fun and adventurous dog walking routes with plenty of litter bins provided along the way.  

Our programme’s pilot in 2017 saw six popular dog walking routes receive a makeover to feature more bins and clear signage to find them – which saw an impressive 38% overall decrease in dog fouling over the four-week period.

Read our Walk This Way 2017 Report PDF 1.15 MB

Like the pilot, we ran the project again in 2018, but worked with 15 more local authorities on their dog fouling hot spots. We saw an overall decrease of 40% across all the sites!

Read our Walk This Way 2018 Report PDF 1.91 MB

Watch this space for our 2019 activity...


A Tail of True Love

It is said that ‘love changes everything’ and with this sentiment, we would like your help in changing the mind-set of the small minority of irresponsible owners who fail to Bag it and Bin it, by sharing our video. We are urging dog owners to make the ultimate declaration of love by pledging to pick up after their dog!

Posters and leaflets

You can also help keep your community clean by displaying our anti-dog fouling posters, flyers and social media downloads! Just click the image to download.


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