Foster carer helps 10th dog flee from threat of domestic abuse

We are celebrating the dogged devotion of dedicated foster carer Sue and her family, who have just fostered their 10th dog as part of our Freedom Project, providing vital support for people fleeing domestic abuse.

West London resident Sue started fostering dogs when she first heard about the scheme in 2015. In the three years that she’s been involved with the Freedom Project, she has temporarily cared for 10 dogs of all shapes and sizes from Staffies to Retrievers.

As many refuges are unable to take dogs, people can be reluctant to leave an abusive home for fear of what may happen to their beloved pet if they are left behind. Thankfully foster carers like Sue are able to give these dogs a home-away-from home, allowing their owners to flee, safe in the knowledge that their pet will be loved and well cared for until they can be reunited.

Since the scheme launched in 2004, the Freedom Project, with the help of foster carers like Sue, has fostered over 1,180 dogs and helped over 860 people escape domestic abuse. The charity is now appealing for more foster carers to come forward so that even more people and their pets can be helped.

Sue says,

“I’ve always been a dog lover, but was unable to commit to having a dog full-time, so when I heard about the Dogs Trust Freedom project it seemed perfect. In the last three years, I’ve had the benefits of looking after a dog, combined with knowing that I’m helping someone in a difficult situation. You can’t help but form a bond with the dogs whilst they’re with you, but it’s lovely when they leave as I know they’re being reunited with their family who loves them very much. The project offers life changing support for people during a huge time of uncertainty and stress, and I would urge anyone interested in becoming a canine foster carer to speak to the Freedom team about how you can help.”

Amy Hyde, Dogs Trust Freedom Project Manager for Greater London adds:

“The Freedom Project wouldn’t be possible without our dedicated team of foster carers and we really cannot thank Sue and her family enough for everything they have done for these dogs and their owners. We are always in need of more volunteers, as the more foster carers we have on board, the more people and pets we are able to help. So if you have experience of caring for a dog and are at home for most of the day we’d love to hear from you!” 

Find out more about the Freedom Project, contact the team
or call 0800 298 9199