Dogs Trust on Good Morning Britain (Friday 16th February)

As you may have seen on Good Morning Britain (Friday 16th February) in the coming days we will be launching a campaign to urge the Government to ban the sale and use, of Electric shock collars, which are still shockingly legal in the UK.

Electronic shock collars are devices used to remotely or automatically deliver a shock to a dog via metal contacts with the neck, used to try and correct problem behaviours.

We believe that certain training techniques such electric shock collars can cause pain or fear and compromise welfare. Furthermore, this technique may worsen the behavioural problems they aim to address. There is no need for such techniques to be used in the training of a dog.

Instead, we believe in positive reinforcement training (or reward-based training) which uses praise and treats to reward for behaving in the right way.

We feel that there is absolutely no need for dog owners to use these cruel, painful training devices.

If you would like electric shock collars banned, please contact your MP.