The pawfect home for golden oldies: meet Oscar, at Oakfield Old Dogs Home

Greying snouts, four legs, and wagging tails – there’s something a bit different about these care home residents! Can you put your paw on it?

Dogs Trust’s Oakfield Old Dogs’ Home is devoted to looking after older (and wiser) canine companions who’ve fallen on tough times at a very vulnerable stage of their lives.

After a lifetime of living happily alongside adoring owners, tragedy can strike, and elderly dogs like Oscar Blue can suddenly find themselves all alone in the world. Thankfully, that’s where Dogs Trust comes in, and is able to change the tale for lovely oldies like him.

Here’s everything you need to know about Oakfield Old Dog’s Home, and how you can help us provide loving care for even more golden oldies.

  • It’s a real house

Set in a quaint Victorian cottage in Dogs Trust Shrewsbury, Oakfield is the stuff of doggy dreams. Every part of the home has been carefully designed with its old dogs in mind, to make sure its distinguished residents are as happy and comfortable as possible. Oakfield’s dedicated staff have the best jobs in the world, devoting their days to all the elderly dogs in their care.

  • …and a real home for dogs in need

After living many years in family homes, older dogs can struggle in kennels and really miss the comfort of the family home. With soothing sounds from its real kitchen, snuggly sofas, quiet bedrooms, and gardens to trot about in, Oakfield has everything older dogs need to live happily ever after and feel right at home.

  • Right now, old dogs need Oakfield more than ever

This past year has been incredibly tough for all of us and has had a devastating impact on elderly dogs, like Oscar Blue, a 15-year-old Weimarane r cross.

In January 2021 , Oscar lost everything when his home was struck by flooding. His adoring family was forced to move into temporary accommodation and, heartbreakingly, could no longer look after him or his best friend, Oscar Wilde. Fortunately, both Oscars were able to find a new home in Oakfield. Now, these pals can still cuddle up together on Oakfield’s sofa, under the care of our loving staff.

  • Giving extra special care for extra special dogs

When dogs like Oscar arrive at Oakfield, they have a thorough medical check-up so that we can give them the   essential care they need. Older pooches often have long-term health conditions because of their age, which can be very costly. At Oakfield, staff are always on hand to cook special meals for sensitive tummies, provide medicine to ease their pain, and – most importantly – give them lots love and attention. We always need a good supply of specialist food, medicine, and things like raised beds for achy joints. Please help us  provide our dogs with these important items by donating here.

  1. Oakfield’s oldies urgently need your support today

While some of Oldfield’s residents might go on to find new homes, there are many others who will be in our care for life.

We never put a healthy dog down. But we rely on the kindness of dog lovers like you to keep Oakfield’s doors open and take in even more elderly dogs who urgently need our care. If you can, please make a donation today and help change the tale for these gentle pooches, so that they can continue to receive the love and care they deserve.


When all was lost, resilient dogs like Oscar Blue and Oscar Wilde have managed to hold onto each other, with the help of Oakfield  and dog lovers  like you who make what we do possible.

Please donate now to help dogs like Oscar Blue live out their golden years in comfort and happiness.