Thank you to Pets at Home!

Dogs are social, intelligent, and active animals so it’s important to provide them with safe and suitable opportunities to exercise their bodies and minds. Having toys to play with helps prevent boredom, while teaching them a variety of skills.

Fun playtime and having a variety of toys to choose from is key to keeping our dogs engaged and happy. We’re so grateful to receive Lifelines raised by the VIP club members who shop at Pets at Home, so we can keep our dogs entertained with new and exciting toys.

Every time you shop and scan your VIP card in Pets at Home you build up charity Lifelines to go to your nominated charity! Each of our 21 rehoming centres are registered on the VIP club and receive Lifelines vouchers raised by dog lovers just like you!

Do you already shop at Pets at Home and want to raise Lifelines for us to help make playtime fun for our dogs? Visit to learn more and join the VIP club today.

A huge thank you to our supporters, Pets at Home and all VIP Club members who have chosen to support Dogs Trust!