Sponsor a dog this Christmas

The gift that keeps on giving

Christmas is just around the corner, and unless you’re extremely organised, the panic of buying everyone the perfect gift is starting to set in.

But fear not, we’ve got you covered.

Give the gift that gives back by sponsoring a dog on behalf of someone this Christmas.

Sponsoring a dog is the best way to welcome a pooch into your life when you don’t have the time, space, or resources to have one in your home. And you’ll not only be helping your chosen sponsor-pal, but also the thousands of dogs that are in our care at any one time.

A recent YouGov study has shown that nearly 30% of adults in the UK would be happy with a donation to a charity as a Christmas gift, and that doesn’t even take into account just how adorable our sponsor dogs are. So why not join the thousands of people supporting our vital work by sponsoring a dog today?


What will you get?

A certificate showing your chosen sponsor pal is immediately available to download and print so you have something to wrap; making sponsoring the perfect last-minute gift that still makes a big impact.

As well as the downloadable certificate, they’ll also receive a welcome pack containing,

  • A personalised photo-certificate with details of their new pal, which they can treasure forever
  • Their four-legged friend will always be next to their heart with a wallet sized sponsor’s card
  • They can let everyone know about their new best friend with a window sticker and magnet

Their doggy pal will also send them fun, colourful updates full of their latest news at Christmas*, on Valentine’s Day and in the summer.

*Please note that, unfortunately, they’ll be too late to receive this year’s Christmas update.

What makes a dog a sponsor dog?

Sponsor dogs are our long-term residents who need extra care and training.

Dogs like Benny.

One cold morning in January, Benny was brought into our Shoreham centre. Found as a stray in Ireland, bouncy Benny had already had a difficult start to life.

Over the four years this handsome chap was in our care, we rehomed him a few times but unfortunately, he kept being brought back to us. Luckily for Benny, we never put a healthy dog down, so he was always welcomed back.

Even if a dog has behavioural problems, is a little older or needs extra time and attention, they’ll have a loving home with us for as long as it takes – even if that means forever.

In July 2020, Benny was ready to take on the world when we found his forever home with Malcom McPhee and his partner Jem. The couple met Benny through sponsoring him, but quickly knew that he was destined to become a part of their family.

"My partner, Jem, kept looking at Benny, and no matter what other dog pictures she saw, she kept going back to him" says Malcolm, “He looked like a happy, cheeky boy who just needed some love”.

"Malcolm and Jem were provided with training as they made visits to the centre to build a bond with Benny – his carer watching from a distance."- Vicky Grylls, operations manager at our Shoreham centre explains.

"It took around nine appointments across 11 weeks" adds Malcom. That may seem like a long time, but both owners and dog appreciated it.

"It was really nice getting to know Benny slowly", explains Malcolm, "because he started to remember us – and the welcome from him was energetic!"

Next, our staff took Benny to see his new home. As lurchers are extremely athletic we recommended that the couple built up their fencing.  We checked Benny’s walk areas; the lucky lurcher now has five green fields to choose from.  

Benny wasn’t the biggest fan of other dogs, but with our support, and Malcom and Jem’s love and patience, he’s worked through his issues and is now a much happier pooch.

These days, Benny’s a lot calmer and has firmly settled into home life. He loves trips to the beach, curling up by the fire in his local pub (with Malcom and Jem of course), and snuggling on the sofa with his new best friends.

"Adopting Benny was the best thing we ever did – it’s brought us closer together and we can’t imagine life without him." - Jem

Sponsor a dog on behalf of a loved one today to make a real difference to the lives of dogs across the nation, and beyond.

Sponsor a dog this Christmas