Celebrating five years with Radley London

To celebrate five years of our partnership, Radley London headed to our Basildon rehoming centre to meet some of our four-legged friends, hear more about how their donations are supporting the dogs in our care, and to share the exciting news that they’ll be donating 10% of the sale price from selected products within their new ‘Off On An Adventure’ bag collection.


The 'Off On An Adventure' collection by Radley London

This canine-inspired collection is designed specifically with dog walks in mind, featuring practical additions like wipe-clean linings and pockets for everything your four-legged friend might need. Part of their sustainable Radley Responsible range, they’re crafted using recycled plastic bottles and printed in their adorable new design.

Since we started working together in 2016, the Radley London collaboration has raised over £127,000 for us through the sales of their stylish and practical Radley London X Dogs Trust collections and fundraising in stores. You can get your paws on the latest collection here:

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Radley's visit to our Basildon Rehoming Centre

During their visit to Basildon, Radley London spoke with Megan from our Training and Behaviour team to find out more about a day in the life of a Dogs Trust dog, and what the best part of her job is.

“Our dogs go out three times a day with us and have a run around. A bit of playtime and an energy burn off in the morning. Then throughout the day we try to do a bit of training. Quite often we like to use things like scent work and enrichment as calming activities to relax them at the end of the day. Then they all know its bedtime when they’ve had their dinner.

“They also might have their adopters coming out and meeting them. And we have a hydrotherapy suite so some of our dogs can do that. Either just for fun or for medical reasons. With some dogs, cuddle time might be in an off-lead area. It’s why we have benches out because a lot of our dogs like to have a little sit down and cuddle outside.”

And for the dogs who just have just arrived at the rehoming centre, Megan explained that their routines are a little different.

“The first few days are very stressful for them. They’ve either come from other organisations and had a long journey or their lives have just completely changed. We’ll spend the first 3-7 days doing their assessment and they’ll need to go to the vets for a health check. With some dogs we can have them up for rehoming quite quickly. Some might even be in their forever home within 2 weeks.”

“The best part of the job is when we get an update. When we get an email a month later. It’s so lovely when you see a photo of a dog having a snooze in the sun or on the sofa, when we’ve seen them jumping around in their kennel being very stressed.”

A massive thank you to Radley London for continuing to support the dogs in our care!