Last chance to nominate at the People's Pet Awards!

Nominations for the People's Pet Awards will close on 14th October.

We’re really excited to share that we are the People's Pet Awards’ charity partner! It’s fantastic to be part of this exciting celebration of the special bond between people and their pets. Our relationship with our pets, and with our dogs in particular, has been a lifeline for so many people during the pandemic. We’ve seen demand for dogs skyrocket, so the awards are a perfect way to celebrate this important new family dynamic.

Winners will include animals who have overcome impossible odds, rescue cats and dogs who inspire everyone they meet, and others who are literally lifesavers. They will also include pets who simply make us smile and warm our hearts.

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Full list of categories to enter:

Webbox Joy of Pets Award

Celebrating the unique bond between pets and their people

Dogs Trust Dog of the Year

For a dog that deserves to be celebrated for its courage, spirit and compassion or other inspirational achievements

Animal Hero

For a person who has made an outstanding contribution to improving the lives of animals

Young Animal Hero

For a child or teenager who has made an outstanding contribution to improving the lives of animals

Rescue Animal of the Year

For a rescue animal that has enriched the life of its new owner in a remarkable way Inspirational Animal For a pet who has inspired people with their spirit or courage

Caring Animal

For a pet who has shown remarkable compassion and care for others

We will also be honouring the People's Pet of the Year and the Internet Sensation - details of these awards, and how to nominate them will be announced soon.

Find out more about the People’s Pet Awards 2021:

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