Long-legged canines spending twice as long in kennels

Dogs Trust has revealed that on average, Greyhounds and Lurchers are more likely to spend a longer period of time in kennels waiting for new potential owners. 

The average length of stay at Dogs Trust for these breeds is around two months, with smaller breeds such as Shih Tzu’s spending less than half that time before going off to new homes.   

Despite this, last year we were able to find new homes for more than 1,000 Greyhounds and Lurchers at its 20 rehoming centres across the UK. The charity is appealing for more potential owners to come forward and help change the tale for more of them in 2021.   

Adam Clowes, Operations Director at Dogs Trust said:   

“From smaller Lurcher types to taller Greyhounds, these loveable pooches very often find their way into our care through no fault of their own, and in some cases can stay with us for more than six months. Thankfully our dedicated team is always on hand to give them everything they need whilst they are with us, which is thanks to players of People’s Postcode Lottery whose support helps fund some of our wonderful Canine Carers at the centre.   

“We are unsure why these breeds tend to stay with us a bit longer than others, however we find there are sometimes misconceptions about the care involved if giving them a home; coupled with more common factors that can cause Greyhounds and Lurchers to become overlooked, such as their age, background or the colour of their coat.   

“Given how fast they are, we occasionally find potential owners think Greyhounds and Lurchers need more exercise than the average dog, which isn’t necessarily true. Some of them also need to wear a muzzle when out for walks because they can get overly excited around small animals; however, we often find that once we have a chance to talk this through with potential owners, it can help them keep an open mind about having a Greyhound or Lurcher in their life.   

“We really hope we can find amazing new homes for our long-legged friends at the centre and continue to change perceptions about these fantastic breeds.”   

Some of the Greyhounds and Lurchers currently in need of new homes, include:  

River, Lurcher, two years old, Dogs Trust Leeds 

River is a stunning boy who hasn’t spent much time around people or other dogs, so was quite nervous when he first arrived at the centre. The team at Dogs Trust Leeds have been working to help build his confidence. River would need to live with another playful but respectful dog in the family, to continue his socialisation.  

George, Greyhound, three years old, Dogs Trust Shoreham 

George is a dog with lots of love to offer. He may appear to be a little timid when you first meet him, but with a patient and gentle approach, he’ll be your best pal in no time. He’s a big fan of toys and is partial to the soft and squeaky kind, which he often takes to his bed to play with 

As an ex-racer, George understandably has a high chase drive. He is fully trained to wear his muzzle and will need to wear it on his walks, as well as needing to stay on his lead. To ensure he can enjoy a regular off-lead run about, it is essential that George has a garden of his own at home. 

George would like to live with another well-suited canine chum but no other animal species and the youngest members of his human family should be over the age of 14   

Scooter, Greyhound, two years old, Dogs Trust Snetterton 

Scooter is a friendly boy aged two years old looking for a home as the only dog so he can have all the love and attention. He enjoys playing with toys and teddies and getting out and about on walkies, but would also love a secure garden to zoom around in. 

Scooter could join a home with sensible children aged 16 or older, and would best suit a family with experience of retired greyhounds, or lots of patience to help Scooter settle in. He’d need to be fully settled in before any short leaving hours are introduced as he doesn't enjoy being left alone. 

Tigger, Lurcher, four years old, Dogs Trust Glasgow 

Tigger is a lively boy who is looking for a committed home where he can continue his training to learn the life skills he may have missed out on as a puppy. He would prefer to be the only pet in the home while he works on his social skills and it would be best for Tigger to live with a family that have owned dogs before and can continue training with reward-based methods.  

Having spent more than a year and a half of his life in kennels, Tigger has spent the longest time in kennels out of all the Greyhounds and Lurchers currently in the centre’s care.    

Although Dogs Trust rehoming centres are currently closed to the public, due to current lockdown restrictions, Dogs Trust can still rehome some dogs through their handover at home service. For dogs who need to meet potential owners a few times before going home, the team can take interest from members of the public and arrange visits for when lockdown restrictions ease.    

If you think you have home in your heart for a long-legged canine companion, click here and contact your local centre for more information.   

If you are struggling to cope with looking after your dog, for whatever reason, contact Dogs Trust on 0300 303 2188. Alternatively, please give what you can to help Dogs Trust change the tale for dogs who haven’t yet found their forever home, by visiting www.dogstrust.org.uk/changethetale