Home from Home Fostering is coming to Dundee!

By taking care of a dog in your home temporarily, you can help get a pooch back on their paws and one step closer to finding a forever home.

We’re looking for foster carers in and around the Dundee area to open their houses, and their hearts, to dogs who find themselves without a permanent home. When you become a dog fosterer, we’ll support you every step of way and provide food, bedding, virtual training and any other practical things you need to make your new four-legged friend feel at home. We’ll also cover the costs of any veterinary treatment.

Being a foster carer gives you all the joy of adopting a rescue dog without the long-term commitment. It’s perfect for dog-lovers who aren’t ready to adopt a dog yet, but have lots of love to give.

How do I apply?

If you live in Dundee (or close by) and would like to apply to become a home from home foster carer, please email us. 

Want to know more?

Find out more about fostering a dog with us