Government announces new plans to tackle puppy smuggling

We’re thrilled to see commitment from the Government to address dog welfare issues we’ve been campaigning on for many years — as set out in their new Action Plan for Animal Welfare. We're particularly pleased they have finally listened to our concerns and made a commitment to cracking down on puppy smuggling, alongside their plans to tackle pet theft, ban electric shock collars and enshrine animal sentience in law. 

We all know that dogs have been a lifeline to many during lockdown, but sadly the increased demand for puppies during the pandemic has been exploited by unscrupulous sellers and only worsened the commoditisation of dogs. So its never been more important that the Government are now tightening up legislation to protect dog welfare now and in the future.  

For over six years we’ve been tirelessly lobbying the Government to tackle the cruel puppy smuggling trade. During that time, we’ve rescued thousands of illegally imported puppies who’ve had the most traumatic start to their young lives and have come into our care in horrific conditions. 

The promises in this plan are a real win for dog welfare, but our work isn’t done yet. We’ll continue to work closely with the Government to be the voice for innocent puppies and ensure the proposed legislation effects real change for dogs. 

We want to thank all of our dedicated supporters and the MPs who have been with us on this journey so far 

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