How to help your dog adjust to lockdown ending

Our roadmap for dogs is designed to help your pooch cope as restrictions are lifted.

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The end of this UK lockdown is tail-waggingly close. While many of us are itching for life to resume, your dog will need time to adjust.

During lockdown, dogs will have had fewer interactions with other dogs, fewer visitors coming to their home and probably they haven’t spent much time alone. A return to normal could be confusing for them, especially for puppies who’ve never known anything different.

It’s not too late to prepare your dog for lockdown easing, and to teach them vital skills that they can apply in any situation. Follow our simple steps to ensure problems don’t develop for your furry friend as lockdown begins to lift. Here’s how the path out of lockdown could affect your dog:  

Preparing your pooch for the great outdoors

Outdoor gatherings of people or households

 Outdoor settings like beer gardens open 

  • If taking your dog to the nearest dog-friendly pub is on the agenda, it’s important to teach them how to settle among the hustle and bustle. Start at home whilst there are fewer distractions. Teaching them how to settle will also come in handy in lots of situations — when you stop to chat to friends in the street, if there are children running around or when other dogs are walking past. It can also help your dog stay calm when they’re left alone.

Training your pal to be the perfect host

Household mixing indoors 

  • Your dog may have got used to your only visitors being delivery people! So they’ll need reminding how to behave when you have house guests. This is especially true for dogs who were either born or who were only little pups when lockdown began. 
  • Lots of dogs can get nervous or excited when they hear the sound of the doorbell and this can make it difficult to welcome guests into your home. To make things easier and safer, train your dog for visitors and teach them to go to a safe space like their bed when they hear the doorbell, and quietly wait there until your visitors are settled.

Helping your dog to value alone time

All restrictions lifted with many people returning to the office 

  • It’s likely many of us who have been working from home will start to return to the office. So it’s important to teach your dog to cope with being left alone. Many of them will have had very little contact away from us for the past year, so start getting them ready now, to prevent separation anxiety developing.

To help dog owners prepare their pooches for a change in routine, Dog School have been running training classes online. We’re also resuming some of our face to face training classes in May.

Our Dog School classes teach dogs the essential skills they need to manage everyday life situations. They also support owners in understanding their dog’s behaviour to help avoid common pitfalls that can lead to behaviour problems.

We’ve supported around 3,000 dog owners through their online classes this year alone. 

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