Collie trio walk 84 miles over Easter in aid of Dogs Trust Darlington!

Kimberley Gunn and her partner Jay are walking 84 miles later this month along Hadrian’s Wall over a 5-day period to raise money for our four-legged friends at Dogs Trust.

Due to the route being heavily populated with cows and sheep their 3 beautiful collies unfortunately won’t be able to join them for the challenge. However, this wasn’t going to stop the collie trio from helping dogs less fortunate. Over the Easter period the collie trio and their human pawrents walked 84 miles along the Northumberland coastline and have already raised an amazing £700!

We’d like to wish Kimberley and Jay all the best for their Hadrian’s Wall challenge and to find out why Kimberley decided to support Dogs Trust Darlington, check out her story below 👇

"My partner and I have followed the Dogs Trust since we used the puppy training school for our Jackson in 2018. I became a member last year and have continued to be inspired by all of the hard work and dedication that is put in across all of the different projects and campaigns to ensure that dogs are given a second chance at life. I love that Dogs Trust do everything in its power to ensure that a healthy dog is never put to sleep. In winter 2020 after almost a year in lockdown, I read some shocking statistics that really hit home - ‘Dogs Trust have estimated up to 40,000 stray/abandoned dogs could need help as a result of covid-19’. It goes without saying that the impact of covid-19 has been devastating in many different ways but once I read this I just couldn’t get it out of my head. I felt like I couldn’t be aware of that information, as a dog owner and lover, and not do anything about it.

"I spoke to my partner and we set up the fundraiser with our three border collies; Jackson, Layla and Cooper. We had planned to walk the Hadrian’s Wall route (84 miles) but that got postponed due to the second lockdown so we completed 84 miles along the Northumberland coastline over 5 days with our dogs at the beginning of April 2021 (Jay and I will still be completing Hadrian’s Wall in May 2021 as well). Our dogs are our absolute world and made us so unbelievably proud every day of the walk. They had the brightest eyes and bushiest tails every morning and behaved so extremely well throughout the whole 5 days, our little superstars! 

"I genuinely believe if you let a dog into your life and give it proper love, care and attention you will never regret it and struggle to remember what life was like before them. I swear they have super powers to make you feel instantly better even on the dullest of days. Which is why raising money for Dogs Trust is so important to us - we are helping to give more of these special souls a chance at a better life, a life they deserve 💛"

- Kimberley Gunn, Northumberland. 

Click here to visit Kimberley's fundraising page