Lets with Pets: New Government announcement to make it easier for pet owning private renters

As the UK’s largest dog welfare charity, Dogs Trust believes that the benefits of pet ownership shouldn’t be exclusive to homeowners, but open to private and social renters as well. With the number of people privately renting increasing year on year, the news that the Government is looking to make it easier for private tenants to have pets in their homes, has never been more important. 

Sadly, the single biggest reason we see dogs handed in to our rehoming centres is due to a change in the owner’s circumstances, such as being unable to live in a rented property with a pet. This can also stop people coming forward to adopt rescue animals. This needs to change and we sincerely hope the proposed updates to model tenancy contracts will help ensure that fewer owners are forced to give up their beloved pets and that more people are able to consider adoption.  

For over a decade, Dogs Trust has been working with landlords, letting agencies and the property industry on this issue. It’s important that any updates to the model tenancy contract are backed up with appropriate guidance for landlords on how to put the changes into practice to make it fully effective and mutually beneficial for all parties involved. 

We welcome the opportunity to work alongside other animal welfare organisations and the Government to ensure this forthcoming change positively impacts the property sector, and that more pet friendly rental homes become available. 

You can read the Government's announcement here.

For more information on Lets with Pets visit letswithpets.org.uk.