We respond to Government announcement on Dangerous Dogs Act

We are disappointed with the response today from Government confirming it does not currently intend to make much needed changes to the Dangerous Dogs Act and wider dog control legislation. We welcomed the EFRA committee’s inquiry on the Dangerous Dogs Act and Breed Specific Legislation in October, and hoped Government would listen to the MPs’ recommendations for change to this ineffective and outdated legislation. Whilst we welcome some of the steps being taken by Government, such as commissioning research into current dog control measures, we believe much more should be done and have been left disappointed in today’s announcement.

It is clear from the available evidence that Breed Specific Legislation is ineffective in reducing the number of dog bites. If there is absolutely no possibility of repealing Breed Specific Legislation, then it is imperative that Government introduces measures to protect the welfare of the prohibited dogs involved. We also believe that, in order to effectively tackle dog bites and dog attacks, preventative measures are crucial. More action is needed to ensure responsible dog ownership, traceability and accountability of dog owners and the identification and prevention of early signs of aggression.

As the UK’s largest dog welfare charity, we are invested in protecting the welfare of all dogs and will continue to work with Government to strive for preventative legislation on dog control which is breed neutral.

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