Dogs Trust to offer free advice on responsible puppy buying at Royal Welsh Show

Dog lovers attending the Royal Welsh Show on 22nd-25th July will have the opportunity to talk to Dogs Trust to learn about how to buy a puppy responsibly to ensure they are not falling victim to the illegal puppy trade. 

Every year, many people are duped into buying puppies by corrupt breeders who often sell sick pups, bred in horrendous conditions and even transporting them thousands of miles from Eastern Europe to fulfill the demand in the UK. Many people are falling victim to online adverts for breeds such as Pugs, Dachshunds, English and French Bulldogs with their profiles often hiding the true reality of their health and where there have been bred. 

At the Royal Welsh Show, Dogs Trust will be on hand to give advice and tips to anyone considering buying a puppy so they can make informed decisions and sensible choices to avoid being tricked into buying one which may have been smuggled into the country or bred irresponsibly. With thousands of dogs looking for a second chance in rescue organisations, Dogs Trust will also be showcasing the dogs looking for homes at their Bridgend rehoming centre and encouraging people to adopt and not shop where possible. 

Rachel Burr, Dogs Trust’s Campaigns Manager for Wales, comments:

“We would always ask anyone considering bringing a four-legged friend into their life to rehome a rescue dog. We have thousands of dogs of all shapes and sizes in our rehoming centres all looking for new forever homes. However, we do understand that people sometimes want to buy a pup from a breeder but we are urging anyone looking to buy a puppy to thoroughly do their research before making the purchase to ensure that the pup has been bred responsibly with their welfare in mind and not to line the pockets of dishonest breeders."

“Talking about this is at the Royal Welsh show means we can reach out to future dog owners to ensure their new dog is bred and acquired responsibly and has a happy, healthy start to life."

Dogs Trust’s Campaigns team will be on stand C195 at the Royal Welsh Show in Builth Wells to offer advice to anyone thinking about getting a dog, provide information on some of the dogs looking for homes at Dogs Trust Bridgend as well as having fun, educational games for children about responsible dog ownership.