Building work begins for Dogs Trust Cardiff

After five years of planning, work has now begun on the foundations for Dogs Trust’s new rehoming centre in Cardiff with the charity releasing exclusive drone footage which shows the scale of the eight acre site from above. 

The Rehoming Centre, located on Nettlefold Road in Splott, just two miles from Cardiff Bay, is set to open in 2021 and will help 1,000 dogs a year in and around the city. 

Over 5,000* stray dogs were collected by local authorities in Wales last year alone. Dogs Trust Cardiff will care for stray, abandoned and relinquished dogs each year, significantly helping the stray dog problem in the city and surrounding area and giving the dogs that find themselves in their care another chance at happiness. 

The charity’s 22nd rehoming centre has been devised with dog welfare at the forefront of its design. The rehoming facilities will include: 

  • 78 glass fronted kennels with underfloor heating – so dogs can choose warm or cool flooring depending on their needs
  • Full Veterinary/surgical suite including hydrotherapy/physiotherapy room
  • Exercise paddocks and runs
  • Training Hall – to help teach old dogs new tricks
  • Grooming suite
  • A base for education and Dog School teams as well as neutering and microchipping campaigns.
  • A dedicated puppy kennel suite to provide special care to the most vulnerable residents.

Dogs Trust goes to huge lengths in order to help stray and abandoned dogs and rehabilitate those dogs in need of a little extra help, and the Cardiff Rehoming Centre will be no different. With dedicated Training and Behaviour Advisors, a full veterinary suite, and even a hydrotherapy/physiotherapy unit, dogs of all shapes and sizes will be offered all the help they need to find a new home.  

The charity hopes the new Rehoming Centre will also create up to 50 new jobs ranging from Managers, Canine Carers, Training and Behaviour staff and maintenance staff.  

Dogs Trust Operations Director, Adam Clowes, said: 

“We are delighted that building work has officially started on our new state-of-the-art rehoming centre in Cardiff. There were nearly 5,000 stray dogs collected by Local Authorities in Wales last year alone and so our new centre is very much needed. We hope to be able to find loving forever homes for 1,000 dogs a year at Dogs Trust Cardiff and we’re excited to be able to give dogs in the area a brighter future.”

For further information on Dogs Trust please call 020 7837 0006.