Meet our team

Lilith Jennings – Contact Centre Agent

“I started working at Dogs Trust after adopting my dog, Rafa, from Dogs Trust Manchester. I was so impressed with the rehoming process and staff I decided I’d love to work here. I’d never worked in a Contact Centre before and was so pleased to be offered the job!

There’s a team of 45 of us in the Contact Centre, all dog mad, and we take around 6000 calls every week. It’s quite a unique role because you aren’t trying to sell something, you’re talking about dogs and helping them find their forever homes. In the last hour I’ve spoken to a lady who wants to adopt a dog, a family struggling with the fact they may have to hand their dog over to us due to a change in working hours and someone who has rehomed a dog from us and would like to book one of our training sessions. That’s a fairly typical start to a day in the Dogs Trust Contact Centre and I love it!”

Alison Donald - Education and Community Officer

“This is my dream job, being an Education and Community Officer for Dogs Trust has given me the opportunity to combine my love of dogs with my passion for teaching and engaging with young people. The Education Team are the most supportive and passionate team I’ve ever worked with, it’s a joy to work with a team that believe in the same goals and everyday will strive to do their very best to achieve them. I feel very proud and lucky to be working for Dogs Trust, every day we are making a positive difference for dogs by educating present and future dog owners on how to be a ‘responsible dog owner’. I truly believe I am in the right place!”  

Gina Fitzroy – Retail Store Manager

“Working for Dogs Trust and having the honour of being a Retail Store Manager has to be the best job in the world. Being part of a very special team no two days are ever the same. Working alongside a team of volunteers we all have the same goal to be the best that we can be. The excitement of discovering what the public have donated to your store, to the joy of turning your boutique style charity shop into a stylish haven the local community just love to shop in and support. We are a very strong team at Dogs Trust all with the same beliefs that all dogs have a happy and rewarding life, from the team of people that have a happy and rewarding career.”

Paul Allen – IT Service Delivery Team Leader

“The I.T Helpdesk is an ever changing and exciting place to be. We are challenged daily on a wide variety of queries and our team finds it very rewarding to provide the answers and solutions.

We are constantly improving our infrastructure to take advantage of the modern-day technologies available, and so there is never a dull moment as we interact with our very friendly users.”

Tamsin Durston – Head Coach, Dogs Trust Dog School

“I feel extremely fortunate to work within an incredibly supportive team at Dogs Trust Dog School. As Head Coach I am not only providing guidance to dog owners on how to create meaningful, lasting relationships with their dogs and teach them the life-skills that will enable them to lead happy lives within our society in a positive and kind way, but also to developing my team members to provide a consistently high quality service delivery to our clients that is knowledgeable and professional. The resources and support available to me from Dogs Trust Dog School are invaluable and I feel trusted and empowered to make decisions for my team within an openly collaborative working environment – brilliant for our working relationships and for delivering an excellent gift to our dog owners!”

Charlotte Parsons – Senior Public Affairs Officer

“Working in the public affairs team at Dogs Trust is never dull. Our day to day work involves engaging with politicians across the UK on dog welfare issues, whether through meetings, receptions and events, or the very fun Dog of the Year competitions. I enjoy how much my work involves collaboration with other departments and am always learning just how much Dogs Trust does across the country.”

Sheenagh Robertson – Retail Store Manager

“I was given the opportunity to set up and manage a new shop with Dogs Trust. My area manager and head of retail had every confidence in and supported me. Since joining Dogs Trust I have felt valued as a member of the team, and what I do matters and is appreciated.”

Ben McEvoy – Accounts Payable Clerk

“I have been employed at Dogs Trust since 2013, the organisation has a friendly environment to work in and my role has continually evolved due to the success of the charity. In my previous jobs the relationships between Finance and other departments were continually strained, however the interdepartmental relationships within Dogs Trust are positive. “

Andy Howell - Trust and Foundations Team Manager

“It is a huge honour to apply to trusts and foundations on behalf of Dogs Trust and have the opportunity to connect grant givers with our incredible projects.  I am genuinely in awe of the dedication and professionalism I see in my colleagues across the charity and it is an enormous pleasure to capture the impact of their work and share with trusts and foundations.  On a personal note, as soon as you start at Dogs Trust, you immediately become aware that the charity’s external image (the yellow branding is a something of a clue) is mirrored internally – deeply full of love and concern for dogs, resolutely positive in all things and extremely welcoming.” 

Emily Mills - Veterinary Team Support Officer

“As a Veterinary Nurse there are a limited number of alternatives to full time clinical work, particularly within the charity sector. Since starting with Dogs Trust my role has been incredibly varied and has allowed me to develop new skills, such as delivering training to both new and existing members of staff. I have also been able to maintain my clinical abilities by spending time both at the rehoming centres and attending overseas projects. I feel very lucky to be part of this organisation and to work alongside likeminded people towards a shared goal of improving dog welfare. “

Alex Jackson – Head of Campaigns

“Dogs Trust is a fabulous place to work; it has a supportive and positive culture, and we’re able to see the benefits of the work that we do every day. My department’s role in that is to promote responsible dog ownership and bring about long-term behaviour change, thereby helping to reduce the number of healthy dogs that are at risk of destruction.”

Amy Burbridge – Canine Carer

“Having started out my journey at Dogs Trust as an apprentice, I had never worked in the animal care industry. The team at Dogs Trust provided me with all of the support I needed to complete my course and took the time and patience to train me to be the best that I can be. The fantastic facilities and equipment allow me to expand on my knowledge every day and help enrich the lives of the dogs in my care until they find their forever homes.”

Sam Nouche – Maintenance Operative

“Since joining Dogs Trust I have really enjoyed my job and have been here since 2008. I work in the facilities department, we work really well as a team and I get to meet and help a lot of the staff here at Head Office and see some of the hard work done to provide a better life for all the dogs under our care.”

Aimee Best – Regional Supporter Relations Officer

“I’ve worked at Dogs Trust since 2008, the longest I have ever stayed with an organisation. I have always felt honoured to be a member of the team for such an amazing charity, knowing that everyday my work is making a positive difference to the lives of both people and dogs. Being a Supporter Relations Officer means that no two days are ever the same, which I love .”

Jacqui Darlow – Head of Digital Marketing

"Dogs Trust is a great place to work - you are immediately made to feel part of a family, just like we make our dogs feel. Working in the digital department we get to showcase our dogs at their best as well as interact with our supporters. We know that often our social channels and website may be the first interaction people will have with Dogs Trust so we try to ensure it’s the best experience they can have."