Valentine's Day with your dog

Five steps to have the perfect pup-entine’s day with your pooch. From Valentin'es day biscuits to pup snuggles.

Monty the Underdog against a flower wall
23rd January 2024

 A time to show someone you love just how much they mean to you, so why not celebrate with the real love of your life, your pooch? With that in mind, we bring you the best new holiday since bank holidays – Pup-entine’s Day.

Five steps to more puppy love than you can wag a tail at

Step one: Take a long, romantic walk

Spending some quality time with your pup on a long walk is a sure-fire way to get them in the mood for a relaxing Pup-entine’s evening. Take them to their favourite spot or find a new adventure together and bask in the glorious British sun*.

*Sun not guaranteed. Maybe take an umbrella and some wellies just in case.

Step two: Snacks

All of the snacks. If you’re anything like us, your love of snacks is second only to your love of dogs. So make sure to stock up on all you and your best pal’s favourite foods*.

Read our recipe for Valentine's day dog biscuits.

*Make sure your dog has a balanced diet, and their treats stay within their daily limit. If you have any concerns over giving certain treats to your dog, or the recommended quantity, speak to your vet first.

Step three: Get cosy

Pop some comfy clothes on, drag the duvet into the living room, light some candles and put some romantic music on (we’d recommend ‘Who let the dogs out’ by Baha Men). This will set the scene for a lovely night in with your furry pal.

Step four: Look back at photos you have together

Nothing brings you closer together than reminiscing about the good (and bad) times you’ve had with your pooch. If you haven’t been blessed with a long time with your dog, feel free to photoshop both your faces over old pictures of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie for a similar effect.

And for a sneaky step four and a half: smell the top of their head.

Nothing smells more like ‘home’ than the top of a dog’s head. Seriously, trust us and go take a whiff.

Step five: Rom coms with the pom (Pomeranian optional)

A cosy romantic comedy is the perfect excuse to snuggle with your pup. ‘Lady and the Tramp’ is our top pick for Pup-entine’s Day, although ‘All Dogs go to Heaven’ is also a wonderful choice, with a title we couldn’t agree with more.


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