We're campaigning in Cambodia to protect dogs against rabies

The biggest charity rabies vaccination drive in Cambodia started in Phnom Penh this week through Mission Rabies.

A vaccinated dog smiles with a Mission Rabies worker
26th May 2023

The biggest charity rabies vaccination drive in Cambodia started in Phnom Penh this week. We're working to protect dogs against the virus through Mission Rabies, a project of Worldwide Veterinary Service who we recently merged with. So far, we've immunised over 35,000 dogs in the first five days. With the fear of rabies resulting in an estimated 100 million* dogs being killed unnecessarily every year globally, we're working towards the day when no dogs die of the disease.    

Rabies is the world’s deadliest disease, resulting in the death of hundreds of thousands of dogs each year and of a child at least every nine minutes. Sadly, where rabies is endemic, dogs are often killed indiscriminately and inhumanely. Vaccinating dogs saves lives – both dogs and human. fatal to dogs, as well as all other mammals including humans. It is secreted in saliva, which attacks the central nervous system, and it is 100% fatal once symptoms appear. It is also however 100% preventable through vaccination. The disease still kills approximately 59,000 humans from dog bites every year, and it is responsible for millions of dogs being killed inhumanely each year because of the fear associated with it.  

We are committed championing dogs and people in countries where rabies is rife. Our mission is to eliminate this devastating disease and this project shows what can be done with determination and focus.

Owen Sharp, our Chief Executive who attended the first week of the vaccination drive added:

“The project in Phnom Penh is well underway and is part of the goal to eradicate rabies carrying out a mass vaccination of dogs in the region and I’m delighted that we have vaccinated 35,000 dogs so far. 

“WVS and Mission Rabies have done an outstanding job on this project, and it’s inspiring to see how it has been delivered on such an impressive scale – there are an estimated 120,000 dogs in the area and 60% of them are owned dogs which shows a level of care people have for them. We hope we can make a real long-lasting difference for dogs and their owners in Cambodia.”

Our aim is to vaccinate 100,000 dogs against rabies in just ten days, with 120 project team members made up of employees and volunteers from around the world. 

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