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7th October 2022

Are you picking up some supplies for your pooch this weekend? Don’t forget, if you sign up to the Pets at Home VIP club and select one of our rehoming centres as your Lifelines charity, we’ll receive vouchers raised by animal lovers like you to spend on toys and treats, so dogs like Winston will be happy and engaged while they wait for a loving new home.

Over 280,000 VIP club members support our rehoming centres and raise Lifelines each time they shop in Pets at Home and scan their VIP card. The vouchers we receive make a huge difference in allowing us to buy a variety of new toys to help prevent boredom, teach our dogs new skills, and add enrichment to their days.

Dogs are social, intelligent, and active animals, so it’s important to provide them with safe and suitable opportunities to exercise their bodies and minds during every stage of life. The enrichment provided by a variety of toys is an ideal way to manage their energy, encouraging calmer behaviour and helping them to learn good habits. All of this will contribute to help them finding a forever home!

What’s more, when you sign up to the VIP club, you will also be rewarded with personalised offers and discounts to use when you shop with Pets at Home.

Visit our Pets At Home partner page to learn more and become a VIP member today!

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