We've served up one million free meals to furry friends in need

We've fed one million hungry pets with free dinners as part of our Pet Food Partnership.

Minnie the Miniature Schnauzer cross enjoys a Kevin the Carrot dog toy
1st December 2023

Thousands of pets, both dogs and cats, all around the UK are chowing down on scrumptious meals, and the best part? It's not costing their owners a single penny! It's all thanks to the fantastic Pet Food Partnership – we've teamed up with Battersea, Cats Protection, Dogs Trust, RSPCA, and FareShare – along with support from Petplan.

We're here to bark about a very exciting milestone – we've hit the fantastic number of one million meals served to our furry friends in England, Scotland, and Wales. That's over 154 tonnes of pet food, generously donated by our pals in the pet food industry.

In this current cost-of-living crunch, we've seen many owners tightening their leashes on expenses. Many heartbroken owners have had to say goodbye to their best friends, and we want to do all we can to help.

Our pet food program has been dishing out the equivalent of 1,043,095 meals, offering a helping paw to fur families across the UK. We know times are tough. That's why the Pet Food Partnership is here to make sure your furry companions have a full bowl and a wagging tail, even when times are ruff.

We want to make sure no owner has to choose between their own dinner and their pet's. As the coldest part of the year approaches, and wallets feel the chill, we're committed to keeping those pet bowls full.

So, here's to more wagging tails, happy barks, and a future where no pet goes hungry.

With an estimated 12 million dogs in the UK**, we think it’s only right the government should help offset the price of seeing this nation through the worst animal welfare crisis since the war, by cutting the 20% VAT on pet food. With record numbers of people unable to afford their dogs, our priority is to keep dogs and families together. At Dogs Trust we’re doing all we possibly can but, Mr Hunt, we are calling on your help for the unseen victims of the cost-of-living crisis - our nation’s dogs.

Owen Sharp, Chief Executive

Help us help dog owners hit by the cost of living crisis

We’ve opened some temporary dog food banks for anyone struggling to feed their dog(s) in these difficult times.

If you wish to donate, we’d be very grateful for donations of unopened, in date dog food and treats going spare in your home.

(* January - October 2022 - Dogs Trust received 42450 handover enquiries in total (calls and emails).
January - October 2021 - Dogs Trust received 28,546 handover enquiries (calls and emails). This equates to a 48.71% increase in handover enquiries for the same period). 

(** There are an estimated 12 million dogs in the UK, according to UK Pet Food (previously PFMA).

YouGov figures
Total sample size was 9063 adults. Fieldwork was undertaken between 26th - 31st October 2022.  The survey was carried out online. The figures have been weighted and are representative of all UK adults (aged 18+).

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