Rob Christley

Dr Robert Christley

Deputy Head of Research


  • BVSc. University of Sydney (Australia) 
  • DipVetClinStud University of Sydney (Australia) 
  • MVetClinStud University of Sydney (Australia) 
  • PhD Lower airway disease in racehorses University of Sydney (Australia) 
  • DipECVPH(PM) Diplomate of the European College of Veterinary Public Health (Subspecialty Population Medicine) 
  • Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons   


Rob's role

Rob is Deputy Head of Research, and manages the Policy & Impact Evaluation Team, which works towards better understanding the lives of dogs and their interactions with people. Major on-going work in the team includes the UK Pet Dog Population Study, the Choosing My Dog Study and the Post-Adoption Project. The team also support the work of other Dogs Trust departments to develop evidence-based policies. 



Rob grew up in Sydney, Australia, where he also went to Vet School. He undertook a clinical internship at the University of Sydney and worked in private veterinary practice in Australia and the UK, before completing a residency and Master's degree in exercise physiology. Following another stint in practice (in the UK) he completed a PhD in epidemiology, an interest Rob pursued whilst a clinical lecturer at the University of Glasgow Veterinary School. 

Looking to specialise further, Rob moved to the University of Liverpool Vet School to as a Lecturer and, ultimately, Professor of Epidemiology and One Health, where his work encompassed a wide range of animal species in the UK and abroad. An emerging theme in this work identified the key impacts arising through the close interactions between people and animals, leading Rob to develop additional expertise in the sociology of human-animal interactions. Rob has published over 160 scientific papers, several book chapters and co-edited the 4th edition of Veterinary Epidemiology.

Rob joined Dogs Trust in 2019, where he can focus his work on improving the lives of our canine companions. This has pleased his own dog Lottie, a Patterdale X Lakeland terrier, who is happy to see he has his priorities right! 


Projects Rob is working on

Choosing My Dog, UK Pet Dog Population Project, The Impact of COVID-19 on Dog Welfare, Evaluation of Dog School USA, Stray Dogs Survey, Longevity of UK Dog Breeds


Selected publications

  • Christley R, Nelson G, Millman C, Westgarth C. Assessment of Detection of Potential Dog-Bite Risks in the Home Using a Real-Time Hazard Perception Test. Anthrozoos, 2021.
  • Tulloch J, Minford S, Pimblett V, Rotheram M, Christley R, Westgarth C. Paediatric emergency department dog bite attendance during the COVID-19 pandemic: an audit at a tertiary children’s hospital. BMJ Paediatrics Open, 2021.
  • Holland K, Mead R, Casey R, Upjohn M, Christley R. “Don’t Bring Me a Dog…I’ll Just Keep It”: Understanding Unplanned Dog Acquisitions Amongst a Sample of Dog Owners Attending Canine Health and Welfare Community Events in the United Kingdom. Animals, 2021.
  • Holland K, Owczarczak-Garstecka S, Anderson K, Casey R, Christley R, Harris L, McMillan K, Mead R, Murray J, Samet L, Upjohn M. “More Attention than Usual”: A Thematic Analysis of Dog Ownership Experiences in the UK during the First COVID-19 Lockdown. Animals, 2021.
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Selected posters

  • Christley R, Murray J, Anderson K, Buckland E, Casey R, Harvey N, et al. Dogs and Covid-19: impact of the first UK lockdown on dog walking. SVEPM, 2021

Selected presentations

ISAZ 2021 - Rob - Impacts of COVID 19 on dog-human interactions and support for dogs PDF 85 KB