Dr Naomi Harvey

Research Manager


  • BSc (Zoology), Cardiff University
  • PhD, The University of Nottingham
  • AFHEA, The University of Nottingham


Naomi's role

Naomi is the Research Manager of the Behavioural Welfare Research Team. Her role is to manage internal canine behaviour-related research activities including but not limited to research projects generating novel data and evidence reviews to inform policy, practice and operational activity. An additional aspect of her role is to provide technical support and guidance about canine behaviour-related research to staff within wider Dogs Trust departments.



Naomi is a zoologist with a specialty in applied animal behaviour and veterinary health and welfare. Since November 2019 Naomi has been working at the Dogs Trust as a Research Manager in Canine Behaviour and she holds an honorary position as an Associate Professor of Companion Animal Behaviour and Welfare at the University of Nottingham. With a BSc in Zoology from Cardiff University and PhD in applied canine behaviour from the University of Nottingham, Naomi has a particular speciality in designing and validating methods for securing robust and valid measures of animal behaviour from their owners and carers. Naomi also has expertise in veterinary epidemiology, having successfully designed and led the Itchy Dog project to investigate the environmental and genetic risk factors for canine atopic dermatitis and its impact on dog behaviour. The success of her research has been underpinned with a broad and successful engagement of pet owners and vets. Her research interests lie in improving the evidence base for issues affecting companion animal welfare within the fields of veterinary medicine and clinical animal behaviour, to better inform how we manage and treat dogs to enhance their welfare.

Naomi has been privileged to live with a remarkable very well-bonded cat with whom she shared the past 20 years of her life. The recent departure of her feline-companion has left a very big hole in her life that she is hoping can be filled by a rescue dog (or two or three) in the near future to join her and her husband and their two adopted rabbits.


Projects Naomi is working on

Public Perceptions of Dog Behaviour & Emotion, The Impact of COVID-19 on Dog Welfare


Selected publications