Preparing your pup for post-lockdown life

Whether your furry friend was a part of the family before the pandemic or joined during the last year, your dog will need to be gently eased back to normality just as much as their humans do. 

From avoiding separation anxiety to preparing your dog for social settings, find out how you can help your four-legged friend navigate this new normal and make the transition as easy and stress-free as possible.


While these offer plenty of tips and advice that will enable you to support your pooch, some may need a little more help and our Dog School is here to do just that. Take your puppy to a class and help prevent problem behaviours before they have a chance to occur.

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We know that the last year hasn’t been easy on owners either and that the pandemic, and subsequent lockdowns, have impacted some harder than others. That is why we want to help Change the Tale – if keeping your dog isn’t an option, we are here to help you through what we know will be a very difficult decision.

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