Fun on the beach

Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside.. but living by the sea does come with some distractions for our four-legged friends! Here are five ways Dogs Trust Dog School can help you keep on top of your canine training by the seaside.

When your dog is tempted by a new and interesting smell, the ‘leave it’ command comes into its own. We will enable you to teach your furry friend to ‘leave it’ in return for something rewarding that you know they’ll enjoy.

The fun of the chase is unrivalled but we can help you learn how to train your dog to avoid the tempting distraction that might be a flock of seagulls on the beach!

Having a fuss from admirers whilst keeping four paws on the floor will help to prevent your pooch from jumping. With the use of a couple of treats we can help your dog to associate getting something nice whilst keeping themselves firmly rooted on the ground  and still getting the attention!

Practice your training in different areas – in class we show you how to build up the level of distraction gradually. This will help to teach your dog we like the same behaviours wherever you are!

When you’ve had a lovely time down the beach, there’s nothing better than having a cold glass of your favourite drink in a café, with your furry friend relaxed at your side.  Our classes help to teach your dog to settle so you can get them to relax out and about.

We teach all of this and more at our fun and friendly training classes in Brighton, Sompting, Worthing and Littlehampton. Contact us now to book your place! [email protected] or call us on 01273 466977. Pictured is the lovely Nessie who is looking for a home at the Shoreham Rehoming Centre.