From busy bee to star pupil!

When we first met Bee, she was super excited to come into Dog School but as the first class went on we realised she was a little unsure of her new surroundings. As a 6 month old Chorkie (Chihuahua x Yorkshire terrier), she was a little bundle of energy. Bee’s owner Ella came to us at Dog School to help teach her basic skills and also a ‘leave it’ command, as Bee likes to pick things up and eat them! Handling Bee was a no-go area as she would not stand still long enough. She really was a busy little Bee.

By her second class, Bee had relaxed a little and was starting to show how quickly she picked up training exercises. Before classes she would be at the end of the lead out on walks, pulling in all directions to check everything out! During class, her owner was fantastic with keeping Bee’s attention with this exercise and she already started to pull less!

When weeks 3 and 4 came along, Bee’s loose lead walking had come along fabulously! She was walking nicely next to Ella, and asked for permission to go and have the sniffs she wanted.  Alongside her lead work, Ella needed help with her recall. We really tested this during classes, trying to distract Bee with various objects and even food on one occasion! Bee always recalled fantastically to Ella.

By week 5 we had a different dog in our class! Bee’s favourite game was “hide and seek” with her owner. Ella would hide and recall Bee, and she always came running with a waggy tail for her treat and fuss! All the hard work that Ella had put in over the classes has certainly paid off. Another big achievement was the leave it command, previously Bee would pick things up but now she is asked to leave it and trots on past. Perhaps Bee’s biggest achievement was the handling practice Ella had been putting in. On class 5 we replicated a veterinary consultation, and Bee stood perfectly still for her handling, even happily putting her head through a buster collar.  This was a distant dream from the wriggly little Bee that we met on week 1. Ella is so pleased with Bee’s progress, as she is much calmer and pays attention to her owner and the task ahead. A* pupil!

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