Dogs on tour!

With school holidays fast approaching, why not consider taking your four-legged friends along for the adventure. We all know how much our dogs love spending time with us (and us with them!) whether curled up on the sofa having a cuddle or out on a walk demonstrating zoomies to the highest standard!

So why not consider taking them with you on your holidays this year? With the ‘stay-cation’ becoming increasingly popular this is a perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with your four-legged friends, whether it’s to the Scottish Isles (wrap up warm), to discover the Peak District (don’t forget your walking boots!) or the beautiful coast of Devon the possibilities are endless when staying in the UK.

Time spent with our canine companions is a fantastic opportunity to develop the relationship we have and why not put into practice some of the life skills you have learnt with Dog School!

Dogs on holiday  

Dog-friendly holidays are a fantastic opportunity to introduce our dogs to new environments, however, it is important to remember these can be a little nerve-racking for our dogs if not introduced appropriately. For our dogs, going on holiday can be very exciting; lots of new smells, new friends (two legged and four legged), new places to visit, new textures underfoot as well as the excitement of going on an adventure with their favourite human!

We all get a little over excited when we go on holiday and we should remember this can apply to our dogs as well, for us it may be allowing that extra slice of cake, while for them it may be wanting to dig in the sand. As owners, we should appreciate, understand and allow (where appropriate) our dogs to express these natural behaviours, after all, they’re on holiday too! For example, if you’re walking your dog on a new path where lots of dogs have been before they may want to send a few more ‘pee-mails’ than usual but this is natural after all dogs will be dogs and that’s why we love them!

Whilst the more confident dogs may settle into these new environments well, don’t be alarmed if your dog is a little more wary, for many dogs these new aspects can feel a little overwhelming and may require some extra encouragement and comfort from us. Allowing our dogs to take things at their own pace and retreat from situations they are uncomfortable with will improve their overall experience of any situation they face. Often all our dogs need is our reassurance and positive reinforcement (cheese usually does the trick!) to let them know they are safe and there’s no need to worry.

As a puppy, Frank would often hide, but gentle encouragement means he’s now ready to face a variety of environments, even conquering his first ferry trip!

From all of us here at Dog School Surrey, we hope you have a lovely time exploring with your pooch!

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