Not such a silly sausage!

Before coming to class we always have a good chat on the phone to each of our owners to match their dogs to the right class and make sure it’s the right choice. Dog School separate their classes by age – we have a puppy class for those less than sixteen weeks to ensure they are getting the chance to mix, play and develop their social skills with dogs of a similar age; and adult and rescue classes for those over that age threshold. This helps us cater to what each dog will need at their particular stage of development and gives any slightly more timid adults the chance to quietly observe rather than take part in puppy play!

We spoke to Lauren and Rich about their new addition, Ralph, a Miniature Dachshund who was three months old at the time of booking on. They wanted to do some socialising and get off on the right foot with his lead walking and basic skills. Ralph’s class was a bit of a mixed bag as far as the size of the puppies went. We had a few smaller breeds, such as a sweet little Cavachon girl, but we also had a very friendly but equally tall Labradoodle, a boisterous and chunky Lab, a gentle Beagle-cross and a handsome Golden Retriever. We initially thought that having four classmates who towered over little Ralph might be a little bit daunting, but boy were we wrong!

Dog running  

The first week Ralph attended, he was greeted by a few of the bigger, bouncy dogs already getting settled in their bays and instantly went to say hello to them! Buddy the Labradoodle was easily several foot bigger but that didn’t faze him one bit. We quickly realised that any of our initial worries were misplaced and Ralph was a very confident little man with excellent social skills. On any occasion he could, he would steal a hello here and a kiss there from his new doggy friends and initiated a lot of the play.

We often find that some of the shorter legged breeds find some of the tasks in class a little harder to pick up, such as learning how to lie down, but Ralph showed us that not only did he have a big personality but he also had a brilliant capacity for learning new things. He was showing his taller friends how to lie down and even demonstrated his play dead very early on in the course. Week after week, he was improving and hitting milestones, working harder around bigger distractions and staying focused on his pup parents.

Ralph was a delight to have in class and we witnessed first-hand and how having owners who were passionate about teaching their puppy these lifelong skills really benefitted him. We would introduce an element one week and he would come back the next clearly having worked hard at it with Rich and Lauren and would have improved massively.

We wanted to share Ralph’s story with the Dog School blog readers because we’re massively proud of both him and all of our graduates who work tirelessly week by week to improve upon their basics skills that will last them a lifetime. It’s always an added bonus when we find owners who get bitten by the training bug and obviously thoroughly enjoy the process and the positive methods we use.

You can follow Ralph’s adventures on Instagram @ralphthechocolatesausage as he continues to flourish post classes.

Do you have a puppy, adult or golden oldie who needs a little bit of help with their training? Or maybe you and your dog have a few other skills you could brush up on while discovering fun new ways to bond with your furry friend? Either way, get in touch! We run classes for all ages, sizes and types of dogs, and would love to help you help your dog. You can call us on 07920658645, email us at [email protected] and follow us on Twitter and Instagram @dogschoolsw.