Lucky by name, lucky by nature!

Since Dogs Trust Dog School Shropshire first opened in April 2017, we are proud to say that 280 dogs have graduated and all our dogs are complete superstars!

But recently one dog has made a lasting impression. Two-year-old Lurcher, Lucky, was adopted by Phil and Jane Hollins in January from Dogs Trust Merseyside and they immediately enrolled in our Dog School classes in Nantwich.

When they first welcomed Lucky into their home, he hated being left home alone to the extent that he couldn’t be left even for the 45 minutes induction class that all our Dog School courses begin with. So, we made an exception to our usual ‘no dogs allowed rule’ so he could sit in on the talk - he sang the entire way through; any time Phil or Jane weren’t stroking him he howled his little socks off!

Dog with their owner  

Fast forward five weeks and Lucky has now graduated and he truly is a different dog! He is a clever boy and picked up everything so quickly, not only in class - Phil and Jane did a great job at home too, doing everything we advised them to do! So, as well as learning all the basics from sit to settle to helping him build his confidence when he must be left home alone for a short time, and introducing him calmly to new dogs, he has passed with flying colours.

In fact, he is almost a teacher himself now! He lies down and settles beautifully while I teach content and he is great, gentle friends with a tiny Spaniel puppy – he is showing his canine companions just how to do it! His loose lead walking is excellent and Phil and Jane are now working on his recall so this long-legged boy can burn off some energy.

Another aspect of life Lucky wasn’t too comfortable with when he was first adopted, was travelling in the car but Phil and Jane say now that he knows there’s a great adventure at the end of a trip, he is more than happy to jump in! They say he makes them laugh every day, keeps them on their toes as he wants to play all the time and simply wants to be everybody’s friend.

Lucky has landed on his paws with Phil and Jane who are committed to helping him fulfil his potential. He is a wonderful example of how, thanks to committed and patient owners, a dog can quickly grow in confidence and begin to enjoy all the things the big wide world has to offer. 

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