It's time to graduate!

As you can imagine with our love of dogs, we fall head over heels for every dog we meet and every dog we train!
So, in turn our hearts break every time these 6 dogs and their owners graduate, we have got to know them, laughed with them, learnt with and learned from them. We couldn’t be more proud of them and all for separate different reasons!

How does a graduation work?

Firstly, it’s time for some fun! We love seeing you and your dog having fun, enjoying what you have learnt and practicing it with us one last time, we set up six bays.

What’s in these six bays?

  • We have a doggy dash, it’s a fun nickname for your recall, how quick can you get your dog back? And yes, we will be timing it.
  • Kibble and spoon... you’ve all heard of the egg and spoon race, well it’s pretty much the same but, show us how well your dog can walk on a lead and how well you can keep your pieces of kibble on that spoon!
  • Temptation alley, now, I know if someone made me walk down a hall way full of cake I’d do my absolute best to eat every single piece, so what’ stopping your four legged friend from eating all the sausage, playing with every toy and once in a while running off with ham bones we place out ( as much this makes us laugh ) we have a very important part of training to use in this alley, it’s your ‘leave it’ command!
  • We also have our ‘Golden Gate’ part where we’d like to see how politely you can walk through a gate with your dog waiting patiently beside you.
  • Our ‘critics corner’ bay where we’d love for you to fill in a feedback form and tell us what you liked and what we could possibly improve on in our classes!

Finally, our favorite part – “DOG SCHOOL'S GOT TALENT”, here’s your time to shine, come to the front of the class and show us your very best trick, very favourite part of the training, or just come up do a little dance and walk back to your bays. We are going to clap and cheer you all on no matter what!

So, that’s what comes of your Olympics and graduation from Dog School. If you’d like to see some more of the dogs in action, we have pictures and videos of great things that our dogs have done on their week 5 on our Instagram page @dogschoolshropshire!

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog!