Chase: rebel without a cause to friend on four paws

Did you ever meet a dog and fall completely and utterly in love with them immediately? That sort of ‘you had me at woof’ kind of love? Meet Chase, whose owner Simon rescued him and made him his best friend and companion.

Chase is a Smooth Collie who found it hard to adjust to life outside of a rescue. Before attending classes, he barked at everything and everyone, was constantly pulling on his lead, and struggled in classes to start with. However, we could tell Chase had some serious potential, and took on the challenge of helping him adjust to the class environment so that he could leave a happier and more relaxed dog. By the end of the course, we almost couldn't believe the transformation ourselves!

Dog with their owner  

Chase spent the first class quite unsure about the environment and the other dogs. Despite doing really well (Collies are known for their intelligence!) and achieving the milestones for each stage of the class, he would quickly become unsettled by something and would lose concentration. Head Coach Rachel decided to up the game and personalise the way they taught Simon to train Chase. Chase and Simon were offered a more 1-2-1 approach, within the class environment. Simon was taught to break down the steps into even smaller chunks, and they worked on delivering the training in a really calm and relaxed manner.

Chase loved the extra attention and his progress soared! He completed his sits, his downs, his settles and so on! Chase learnt quickly and fell in love with sausage, he learnt to really enjoy the training and adapted amazingly to the extra challenge of working out what Simon needs and how to handle each situation! Simon was thrilled as he could see the improvement in Chase's confidence each week, and was beaming with pride at how much his four legged companion improved each week.

Sometimes you meet a dog that offers you something very special and in return we offer him something just as special. Chase is most certainly one of those dogs, and we couldn't be prouder of both him and Simon. If you'd like to join our classes please get in touch by emailing us at [email protected].