Hounds on holiday

Our Senior Coach, Jess, recently went away on holiday with her two canine companions, Harvey and Lexi. They did all kinds of exciting things… playing on the beach, walking through the hills and relaxing in cafes for pit stops.

“With all these exciting new environments and activities, it was the perfect opportunity for me to put my training to the test! Both Harvey and Lexi are older dogs now, but they still need to be motivated to make good decisions, just like when they were puppies.

We made sure that we were prepared to help them out in the challenging situations (we were in Wales so there were a lot of sheep!), by having some high value rewards with us at all times to help them ignore all the distracting sights and smells and stay focused on us and keep their leads slack.

In areas that were safe to let them off lead, we had toys and yummy treats available to make them stay interested in playing with us and not following a seagull down the beach!

After a day’s exploring, when we wanted to go out for dinner in a cosy, dog-friendly pub, we made sure to take Harvey and Lexi’s dinner with us in their food toys. This meant that they could relax and eat their grub under the table, allowing us to enjoy our meal without having to ask them to lay down and be calm.

We all had a wicked time on our little holiday together, and it was great to know that all our hard work in the training hall had really paid off!”

Thinking about what challenges you might face when out about with your dog, or even in your home, and being able to prepare in advance can really make a difference.

Work your training into real-life situations and you’ll have a dog that can succeed wherever he is. In our Dog School 5 week courses we cover lots of areas of training that can help in day-to-day situations, including recall, loose lead walking, greeting people appropriately, and much more!

If you’re looking for help training your puppy, building confidence with your rescue, or some fun with an older dog get in touch today! We can be reached at our office at 0115 855 9372, or on our mobile on 07388 377383. Alternatively, you can email us on [email protected]. To be kept up to date with our school, and fab pics of the dogs that come through classes, follow us on Twitter and Instagram: @dogschoolnotts