Making Playtime Fun for Everyone!

Playtime with your dog is a super way to bond and have fun, it will help you get to know your dog so much better. There are many different types of games to keep things interesting, and games great for those dark, wet winter days when walking is difficult!

Most dogs love to tug and tussle with you over a toy.  It is important to let them win this game, especially when they are playing politely and not catching your fingers by accident! If you do find this happening it’s a good idea to play with a long toy or even attach a dog lead to your toy to help your dog avoid this.

Some dogs naturally bring the toy back for you to throw again but it is something you can encourage even if it means playing with two identical toys. It is important not to ‘overdo’ this exercise by running your dog for too long and too far particularly with young growing pups who can’t cope with as much exercise as adult dogs, and need more sleep!

Maybe your pooch has quick reactions and loves to catch, a ball, Frisbee or soft toy are the usual targets but even those dogs who are not fussed on toys can play catch the ‘tasty treat’!

Dogs with toys  

There are some dogs much more motivated by food than toys so why not let them chase a small treat across the floor or ground; my dogs love this game with little cubes of cheese!

Did you know your dog’s sense of smell is roughly 40 times better than ours? So not only do they love to chase their food they also love to find it for themselves! I often hide treats around the house and garden and tell my collies to ‘go find’ they might need a little guidance at first but once they realize the game you can make your search area larger and larger…..

Rotate the toys your dog plays with to keep them fresh and interesting!

Never stop inventing new games for your dog and watch them to see the activities they enjoy. You can then use this in your training sessions to keep learning upbeat and fun!

Wouldn’t training a stay be so much more fun if it always ended in a great game of tuggy with your pup’s favourite toy?

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