Walks in the park!

Now that the good weather is finally coming, we’re all going to be thinking about taking that day trip out with the dog or that nice evening stroll. We do however sometimes want a bit of inspiration of where to go, somewhere new and interesting for both you and your four (or three) legged friend to enjoy.

Varying your walks can be good for both of you and why not take advantage of some of the great locations around the local area.


Most locally to our Dog School London location, we have some great walks; Ruislip Lido, Ruislip Woods and Black Park and the ones that have just popped into your head whilst you’re reading this- yes- even those! However, sometimes, we just want to go and explore a new area for a change. Not too far away we have the likes of Bradenham Woods, Hughenden Park, Wycombe Rye, Aston Rowant Reserve, Christmas Common or if you wanted to embark on a day trip- Wendover Woods!


If you don’t fancy a woodland walk, you could embark on the likes of Wimbledon Common, Richmond Park, Osterley Park, Cassiobury Park or even Fassnidge Park in Uxbridge to name but a few.


If you are the more adventurous type that would like to let your dog off-lead or you do let your dog off-lead but don’t always get them back then not to worry- we have some helpful hints and tips for you. Always think of safety first. If your dog does not have a good recall, do not let them off-lead. This can not only be difficult for you when your dog doesn’t return but could also cause a problem for owners that have their dog’s on-lead because they may not, for example, get along with other dogs. Always start your recall training at home and with a long line, work out what motivates your dog the most - be that toys, treats, praise or cuddles-and then gradually and slowly build up the distractions and locations- you wouldn’t pop a child into a sweet shop and expect their attention to be solely on you! Please note that a long line should only ever be attached to a harness and you can cause damage to your dog’s neck if they run and jerk at the end of the long line.


Once you think your dog is ready for that first maiden voyage, go to a quiet place with what your dog would find to be only mild distractions, such as an enclosed field or a quiet local park, and always have a long line attached whilst training your recall. This will ensure that even if your dog decides not to come back when called, they are still safe because you still have them attached to a lead. Long lines give us the freedom to allow dogs to explore but with the added bonus of the peace of mind that they can’t simply run off and come in varying lengths.

If you would like to learn more about a safe and successful recall why not join our classes! We focus on recall throughout our 5-week course which is held at Dogs Trust Harefield on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays and we gradually increase distractions every week! We also have a video on recall here.

And with all that in mind - go forth and enjoy the sun whilst you can!