Meet Lola

Lola came to Dog School having had quite a disruptive few months. She had been handed over to Dogs Trust Loughborough due to her having a medical problem with her leg which her previous owners unfortunately couldn’t afford to have fixed.

Lola, a Shih Tzu cross was placed in a foster home and underwent surgery on her bad leg and slowly started on her path to recovery. Her foster owner Sri Dhevi Santana Dass soon fell in love with her gentle and loving nature and it wasn’t long before Lola became a foster fail and a permanent member of the family!

When Lola arrived for her first class at Dog School one of her biggest problems was spending time alone. Having gone through so much change in such a short space of time it wasn’t surprising that Lola got distressed when she was away from the one person who had shown her love and compassion in a difficult time. Lola followed her mum around the house no matter where she went and struggled to settle if Sri ventured too far away.

Throughout her time in class, we slowly taught Lola that it was ok to relax when Sri was busy and wasn’t paying her any attention. With the aid of a Kong, she slowly learnt that she could entertain herself for short periods. Consequently, Lola has become a much more relaxed character at home, now happy to chill out on the bed whilst Sri is busy doing other things elsewhere is the house.

This is really great progress and sets her on the right path to eventually being able to be left alone at home for short periods. It has been clear to see that Lola has loved coming to training classes, always arriving with a waggy tail and keen to greet everyone and sneak in some playtime in between working hard! She has learnt lots of new skills and really enjoyed the chance to socialise with fellow canine student Honey.

Well done Lola and Sri, it’s been a pleasure to have you in class!