Class complete for these clever canines

Socialisation is a key topic in our training classes and our recent Thurnby class proved to be the perfect place for dogs and owners alike to get together and mingle!

A goup of dogs at a park  

From induction week to Olympic week our canine students and their owners were keen to get to know each other and have fun together. It wasn’t long before our class became a gathering of friends who offered encouragement and support to each other and shared lots of laughter.

From Bramble the Spaniel who could only master his recall with a toy in his mouth to Reggie the Staffy who was always on the lookout to sneak away a tripe stick when nobody was looking, there was plenty of opportunities for a few giggles.                      

But amongst all the fun, there was the serious business of training to undertake and needless to say each and everyone one of them showed improvement week by week. From loose lead walking and recall, to food bowl manners and ‘leave’, this class mastered it all!

We were delighted to spot Martha the Schnauzer and Bramble out on a walk together and to see their owners rewarding their settle behaviour in the street whilst they chatted to friends. This is what our classes are about, learning skills that can and do transfer to everyday life.

But time really does fly when you are having fun and before we knew it graduation week had arrived. Billy the cockerpoo showed how far he had come with some excellent loose lead walking, Reggie mastered temptation alley, and Martha and Bramble excelled with their self control, sit, down and wait.                      

This class has been a true joy to teach and it was lovely to hear that even after class our students were planning on getting together to continue their weekly social sessions! We are just sad that we can’t be there with them.

But we will be seeing one our students again though as they loved class so much they have signed up to do it all over again!

Some of our feedback that we received included:

  • ‘The class content covered lots of different situations and we found this very helpful.’
  • All aspects of the training were really beneficial and by dog is now much more obedient.’
  • ‘We enjoyed every moment and are sad that it is over.’
  • ‘The course was everything I was hoping for and more!’

So if you want to learn new skills with your dog, have the chance to make new friends (human and canine) or just want to have some fun, please contact us to sign up to classes! You can email us at [email protected]