The best days are at the beach!

As the days grow longer and that big bright ball in the sky seems to be appearing more often, one of the most fun places to be is at the beach!

Whether you and your four-legged friends are sun worshipers, basking in the summer sun, or wave go-getters chasing the tide, the beach can be a great day out for all.

Me and my Golden Retriever, Charlie, did just that and took a trip to Filey beach in East Yorkshire. 

Top tip time!

  • Before travelling, always check to see if your nearest beach has a dog-friendly beach as some have restrictions on allowing dogs at certain times of the year.
  • Check the tide times, be sure to be aware of when the tide is to be in and out so you know the best time to go.
  • Take plenty of water for your canine companion! Sea water is very salty and can dehydrate your dog if they drink too much of it.

Two dogs looking up at their owners  

When at the beach, it can be endless fun from playing fetch across the sand, paddling in the sea, meeting new people and their four-legged friends or sharing a chip or two from the local fish and chippie.

This is exactly the fun me and Charlie had on our beach day! Our pawsome day started off with walking along the dog-friendly beach having lots of off lead fun such as playing fetch with his favourite bouncy ball, chasing the waves as they rolled back into the sea and meeting lots of new friends both human and pals on paws.

When having some off lead fun with your dog, ensure your dog knows how to come back to you when called so that you are able to keep your dog under control within busy environments. We teach this topic in our training classes, not only are our dogs learning they are also having lots of fun too! Charlie and I certainly grew a very hungry appetite, so we headed off in search of a dog-friendly fish and chips restaurant. Mmm! Charlie loved walking along the seafront as he got lots of fuss from passers-by, particularly when he chose a toy in a local shop. Safe to say I had no choice in the matter of buying it.

Being able to walk your dog in busy places can be a great experience for your dog, but it is important to make sure your dog is happy to be approached by strangers and other dogs.
After having a lovely stroll through the town, we found a dog-friendly fish and chips restaurant and headed on in for a well-deserved spot of lunch. Charlie was definitely a fan as he got his own portion of a cut up sausage as a reward for being such a good boy. As I tucked into my delicious fish and chips, Charlie was relaxing at my feet drifting into snooze land, dreaming of the pawfect day he had.

Top tips

It is important to check for local dog-friendly restaurants, pubs etc. so your pooch can join in on the fun as well!

It can also be really helpful if your dog is able to relax in new places so you can enjoy fun days out together, this is another topic we cover in our training classes!

If you want the pawfect day under the sun too, it is important to consider your dogs’ physical health and their training. Here are a few important questions to think about:

  • Does my dog come back to me when I call them?
  • Is my dog able to walk nicely on a lead through busy public places?
  • Is my dog able to walk for long distances?
  • Is my dog able to settle down on their own without needing your attention?

If you would like help in training your pooch to be the pawfect pet, then why not get in touch with Dogs Trust Dog School Leeds! All you need to do is call 0113 2814933 or email [email protected] to enquire and reserve your place on one of our courses. Here we can help you and your canine companion become the best of friends and make amazing memories together. We also LOVE seeing pictures of you and your dog training at home or out and about practicing, attending Dog School classes or even just cute doggy pictures so why not tag us on Instagram and Twitter via @dogschoolleeds!