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We are a dynamic team that has a wealth of knowledge and experience between us. We are all passionate about building and improving bonds between dogs and their owners. We pride ourselves on making training interesting and fun and strive to ensure our clients and their dogs have the best experience possible.

We provide a good range of training classes, seminars and workshops in local communities, which are of great benefit to people and their dogs; helping people to have dogs with good manners in the real world and to prevent problem behaviours.

Our Classes

Please enquire below about our face-to-face classes or our popular virtual training sessions.

Dogs Trust Leeds Rehoming Centre

  1. Wednesday : Evening
  2. Friday : Evening
  3. Saturday : Morning

Woodlands Farm, York Road, Leeds, LS15 4NL

Pool Village Hall

  1. Monday : Morning
  2. Thursday : Evening

Arthington Lane, Pool-In-Wharfedale, Otley, LS21 1LG

Trinity Methodist Church

  1. Saturday : Afternoon

Powell street, Castleford, WF10 1EL


Dogs Trust Dog School classes combine training skills and exercises to prepare your dog for everyday life. We give you lots of information to help you understand your pooch and avoid common behavioural issues.

4 classes on a 4 week programme for only £65

School Trainers

Becky Ellis, Head Coach

Becky has over 10 years’ experience working with dogs in Leeds Rehoming Centre team as a Canine Carer. One of her favorite parts of the role was helping to rehabilitate the dogs by training them to become confident, well-mannered members of our society and seeing them into their forever homes.

Becky loves to help owners build a strong bond with their dog using kind, reward-based training. She is particularly interested in self-control training, enrichment, and trick training!

Rebecca Matkin , Senior Coach

Becca began working with dogs from the age of 17 when she started working part time at a boarding kennels. She travelled all the way to Aberystwyth in Wales to study further and gained a first class degree in Animal Behaviour.

After graduating she moved back home to York and spent a month walking on the wild side whilst volunteering at Flamingo Land Zoo! After this she split her time between two part time jobs at a boarding kennels and petting farm, and volunteering weekly at both Hearing Dogs for Deaf People and Dogs Trust. In February 2016 Dogs Trust offered Becca a full time job as a Canine Carer.

After three years of helping centre dogs find their forever home, Becca realised she wanted to help spread the word about positive dog training, and jumped at the chance to join Dog School! In her spare time Becca enjoys Zumba classes and running, and cuddles with her guinea pigs Daisy and Merida.

Crystal Frost, Coach

Crystal has always had a love and fascination of animals, particularly dogs, leading her to get first class degree in Zoology and a PhD in Evolutionary biology. She has worked for 10 years as a research scientist and loves to see science in action, especially when it applies to our doggy companions.

Following classes at Dogs Trust Dog School with her youngest dog, Crystal got the training bug and volunteered with Dog School Merseyside. She has now come home to Leeds and joined the Leeds team to fulfil her new ambitions of helping owners and pups develop a happy and healthy relationship.

Alongside being a Coach with Dogs Trust, Crystal is studying part-time for an MSc in Clinical Animal Behaviour. She also enjoys playing roller derby, sewing, and spending time with her two dogs, Diggle and Lola.

Emily Diskin, Coach

Emily started her foray into the animal world by volunteering with the RSPCA and Dogs Trust Leeds back in 2015. After some months as a volunteer, she gained a full-time position with Dogs Trust Leeds in 2016 as a canine carer, where she fostered an enthusiasm for animal welfare, rehabilitation and rehoming. In 2019 she became part time in order to pursue her passion for our other four-legged friends and worked with Cats Protection within their York Adoption Centre. Armed with both feline and canine experience, Emily started working for Dog School in May 2021 and is excited to deliver training to help keep dogs happy in their homes and out of rehoming centres!

Emily has a degree in Psychology and a Level 4 Diploma in Advanced Canine Behaviour. Although she does not own a dog (yet), she has a cat called Andre The Giant, and one day hopes to rehome an ex-racing greyhound.

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