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We are a dynamic team that has a wealth of knowledge and experience between us. We are all passionate about building and improving bonds between dogs and their owners. We pride ourselves on making training interesting and fun and strive to ensure our clients and their dogs have the best experience possible.

We provide a good range of training classes, seminars and workshops in local communities, which are of great benefit to people and their dogs; helping people to have dogs with good manners in the real world and to prevent problem behaviours.

Our Classes

Please enquire below about our face-to-face classes or our popular virtual training sessions.

Dogs Trust Leeds Rehoming Centre

  1. Wednesday : Evening
  2. Friday : Evening
  3. Saturday : Morning

Woodlands Farm, York Road, Leeds, LS15 4NL

Pool Memorial Village Hall

  1. Thursday : Evening

Arthington Lane, Pool-In-Wharfedale, Otley, LS21 1LG

Trinity Methodist Church

  1. Saturday : Afternoon

Powell street, Castleford, WF10 1EL


Dogs Trust Dog School classes combine training skills and exercises to prepare your dog for everyday life. We give you lots of information to help you understand your pooch and avoid common behavioural issues.

4 classes on a 4 week programme for only £65

School Trainers

Becky Ellis, Head Coach

Becky has over 10 years’ experience working with dogs in Leeds Rehoming Centre team as a Canine Carer. One of her favorite parts of the role was helping to rehabilitate the dogs by training them to become confident, well-mannered members of our society and seeing them into their forever homes.

Becky loves to help owners build a strong bond with their dog using kind, reward-based training. She is particularly interested in self-control training, enrichment, and trick training!

Vicky White, Coach

Vicky has a passion for all creatures, but dogs are her true delight. She has been a dog owner since she was 11 years old, with a bouncy springer spaniel called Pippa. After graduating university with a Geography degree, Vicky completed her teacher training course and has experience in secondary education. Vicky is passionate about using her teaching skills to help owners succeed with dog training. Vicky believes that everyday is a learning day and is excited to learn more about the current animal behaviour and training techniques to share with her classes. Vicky currently has a charming Dachshund puppy called Spencer.

Tamika McCroy, Coach

Tamika spent her childhood surrounded by dogs, and rescuing/adopting has been imprinted on her brain from a very young age. She moved over to Leeds, from Northern Ireland, in 2016 to study journalism and then went on to work full time in PR from 2019. During the pandemic, Tamika realised that her heart lay with working with dogs, which has since led her to Dogs Trust. She couldn’t be more excited to get stuck in and help owners confidently train their dogs!

Tamika has her own little dog, Odie, a Jack Russell and Chihuahua crossbreed - he’s 18 months and most definitely the best things that’s ever happened to her!

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We have developed an extensive series of information that can help during these unprecedented times.

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