Jeskyns Community Woodland

Kent isn’t known as the Garden of England for no reason, and we are fortunate enough to have an abundance of green spaces in which to exercise and spend time with our furry friends. Having heard many good things about Jeskyns Community Woodland, we decided to check it out and bring Jess the Collie and Barney the Labrador along to give the paw of approval.

Jeskyns is a wonderful site, situated not far outside of Dartford along the A2 (Gravesend E. turnoff). Parking costs £1.50 per day and there is plenty to do for all the family! Although the park is not designated solely for the use of dogs, there are some wonderful facilities which have been designed with our canine friends in mind.

The park has designated areas where dogs are allowed off lead (green zones), where they must stay on lead (orange zones) and where they can’t go at all (around the café).

There is a great activity trail for dogs to provide a different experience and add enrichment to your dog’s life.

If your dog is more of a swimmer, then the pond at Jeskyns will be right up their street!

Whilst dogs are allowed in the pond, there is a specific area which they can use in order to protect and preserve the habitat of the wildlife which live here.

Probably the thing that everyone here at Dog School Kent gets excited about are the two wonderful off lead training areas, fully enclosed with deer fencing to deter even the most tenacious of escape artists! Don’t forget to look out for our banner!

These areas are fantastic for practicing the skills and generalising the exercises you will pick up in our Dog School classes nearby.

We run classes at 3 fantastic venues, all within a 10-20 minute drive from Jeskyns Community Woodland. Call us today on 01795 432660 or email us at [email protected]!