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Lindford village fete

Do you remember a few weeks ago when we had that glorious heatwave? Well, we at Dog School Hampshire managed to take full advantage of the sunny weather and spend the day outside at the Lindford Village Fete. Lindford is a beautiful village between Alton and Liphook where we hold our dog training classes every Saturday morning. On this particular Saturday though we had our sunglasses, sun cream and hats at the ready in preparation for meeting lots of local people and their furry friends!

What proved to be very popular with the local pooches and their owners was our ‘have a go’ dog show in the main arena.  All the activities we ran were fun but also helpful and useful for everyday life.

Pick up the ‘poos’

This activity we devised isn’t quite a bad as it sounds! It teaches dogs to ‘leave it’ which is very important to train; it can prevent our dogs from eating something harmful or from taking an item that’s not theirs. Our first activity was pick up the ‘poos’. We laid 3 treats out near every dog and our owners had to get their dog to leave these treats so that they could pick each of them up in a poo bag.

Fastest sits on the carpet

Teaching your dog to sit is a really important command for them to learn. This can come in handy on many occasions such as sitting and waiting by the side of the road until it’s safe to cross.  The way that we train the ‘sit’ in our classes results in dogs being happy to sit anywhere.  We thought we would test the local dogs to see how good their sits were. We did this by laying out small carpet squares to see which of our owners could get their dog to sit the fastest on the carpet square.

Loose lead egg and spoon race

Dogs pulling on the lead is a common problem, however it is easy to train our dogs to walk with a loose lead, and can make your walk much more enjoyable for you and your dog! In this activity, our owners had to hold their egg and spoon in the same hand as their lead and work with their dog to ensure they had a lovely loose lead, if their lead went tight the egg would fall off and they would have to start again!

Temptation alley

We put out some of our best distractions, including Ted, our fake dog, a cat carrier, ball pit, a bowl with treats in and many more! The dogs had to walk past all of these distractions and come to their owners who were waiting at the other end. We use these distractions in our classes when teaching owners how to recall their dogs. When we walk our four-legged friends in parks there are usually many distractions, so we need to be able to call our dogs back to us whatever the distractions might be. This keeps them safe and ensures we return home with the dog we left with!

All the dogs that entered did very well, but if you like some extra practice to be the star of the show next year, why not book onto our classes?