Lola’s Journey with Dog School Glasgow

Name: Lola

Age: 1 year 10 months

Breed: Labradoodle

Dogs Trust Training School: Dog School Glasgow

Lola is an adorable Labradoodle approaching 2 years of age, who recently attended Dog School Glasgow’s adult training classes at Mount Vernon community centre.

Lola’s owner Suzanne initially contacted Dog School to help improve Lola’s lead work along with her training in general.  Suzanne noted that Lola would often jump up on people when out on walks and recognised that this could potentially be frightening to some so wished to work on this too.   Lola also occasionally barked at other dogs and Suzanne was keen to know more about her body language to be able to respond appropriately.  Following a brief call from one of our coaches, Lola was enrolled onto the adult course.  Suzanne attended an introduction class where the coaches discussed different aspects of dog behaviour and the way they learn, before bringing Lola along for her first weeks training.

Lola the dog at Dog School Glasgow  

During Lola’s first class it became evident that she had learnt that barking resulted in getting her owner’s attention.  We worked hard at teaching Lola the settle and as the class progressed you could see her gradually improve on this and begin to focus less on the distractions around her and be able to relax. She did still at times revert back to her old habits but Suzanne did a great job persevering with her training and as the weeks passed her consistency paid off.

As Suzanne’s priorities were with Lola’s lead work, jumping up on people and general behaviour around dogs, the coaches were able to give Suzanne additional individual support during these parts of the course to help increase Lola’s chance of success, “The trainers asked what we would like to achieve from the training, they listened to our needs and help us train our dog. The knowledge the trainers have to help others like me was fantastic!”

After 5 weeks Lola successfully graduated from the course, Suzanne is delighted to report that Lola’s training continues to pay off, “It has made taking Lola out a walk much easier, as I know what to do when she starts all these little habits she has. If she starts showing signs that she is about to start barking, I take her out the situation, get her attention and walk the other way.  I honestly can't thank you guys enough! We still have a long way to go with Lola but even family members are starting to see a big difference in her already after the 5 weeks.”

If you think our classes would benefit you and your dog and would be interested in attending a course. You can either complete the online enquiry form, email us directly at [email protected] or alternatively by calling 07920 658 653. You can also follow us on Instagram (@dogschoolglasgow) or Twitter (@DogSchoolGlasgw) to keep up to date on our classes.