Forget winter, this is the season of love!

With the world celebrating Valentine’s Day, the team here at Dog School Glasgow wanted to express our love and appreciation to all the dogs and owners we’ve met at our classes. We have included the experiences of some of our recent graduates below and I’m sure you’ll not be surprised that every dog we meet at class steals our hearts in their own way.

Bruno’s family enrolled him in classes, looking to work on improving his lead work. It’s not surprising that with a bigger dog this might be a priority for most owners. He came on leaps and bounds during the five week course showing increased attention to his owners when needed but also an improvement in his self-control which contributed to better loose lead work. Brilliant effort Bruno!

Kobe joined the classes at Dogs Trust Glasgow with his family interested in helping him to settle and improve his overall training. Kobe’s family showed great perseverance and consistency with his training allowing him to understand more easily what was being asked of him. I think this photo is testament to that training. From a dog who when he first joined and moved everywhere at 100mph to being able to sit, confidently and still, showing us how much of a handsome dog he is. Well done Kobe!

Coll was a graduate of our adult class at Ferniegair Hall in Hamilton. His owners initially enquired about classes, as they wished to gain a better understanding of Coll’s behaviour and also how they could create a more reliable response from him at home. When Coll first attended he often jumped up when meeting people and those people responded (who couldn’t with such a cute face!) Although with guidance from the team, his owner’s began teaching him to sit instead when a person approached and by rewarding him for giving them his attention when asked, he slowly began to respond quicker to them. His owners were delighted with his progress when he graduated and from the knowledge, they had gained which will help them with his training going forward. Congratulations Coll! 

If you would love to create your own success story, we’d love to hear from you. You can enquire online by completing one of our enquiry forms on our website or you can email us directly at [email protected] to find out more! You can also keep up to date with the teams most recent activities by following us on Instagram (@dogschoolglasgow) and Twitter (@dogschoolglasgw).